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Leaving The Military? Here’s How Veterans Can Prepare For A Corporate Career

Most U.S. veterans say their military service was useful in giving them the skills and training required for careers outside the military. Specifically, 29% say it was very useful while another 29% say it was fairly useful, Pew Research Center reports. Working age veterans also typically fare just as well as non-veterans when it comes to gaining […]

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5 Key Trends the Pandemic Brought to the Business World

The arrival of the pandemic around the world changed the way that people lived, worked, and shopped. This meant that businesses were forced to change (and rapidly) or go out of business. What once would have been declared impossible suddenly became necessary. You’ll fully understand the frustration of that scenario if you’re a business owner. […]

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Why to Include Translations in Your Marketing Strategy

International Marketing is an emerging market that has started developing as soon as globalization did. With airline companies, fast-food franchises and clothing brands taking over the world, it is time to sit back and focus on the bird perspective when trying to understand the current trend in international marketing. The Marketing Twist The biggest twist […]

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2021 Trends That Can Elevate Your Business

The past few years have brought massive changes to the world of business. The most dramatic changes were brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak of 2019, which still has a huge impact on the world. But this also invited some new opportunities and new directions of growth when it comes to conducting business. In this […]

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How to Use the OKR Framework to Align Company and Team Goals

There are a number of popular goal setting frameworks used by companies. Popular ones include Balanced Scorecard and SMART. One that is new for many but has actually been around for a long time and evolved from the MBO framework is Objectives and Key results or OKR. The Basics of OKRs OKRs have two elements […]

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5 Strategies to Help Improve Your Customer Service Standards

Happy customers are integral to any business. In fact, they’re more important than informed purchasers. According to Harvard professor Gerald Xaltman, 95% of our buying decisions are made by our subconscious emotions, and most buyers will spend more for better customer service. To improve your customer service standards, follow these 5 bulletproof strategies. 1. Encourage […]

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Why Should You Pursue a Business Degree?

Practice shows that many successful managers, not receiving economic education, did not experience complications in this regard: the lack of economic education did not affect the success of their careers and businesses. Having a degree in business has recently become fashionable and prestigious. An MBA is not a degree in the traditional sense, it is […]

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How Identity Management Can Help Solve Problems in Business

Identity and access management systems are vital for organisations and allow businesses to regulate access to files and understand who is performing certain tasks. IAM gives employees, business partners, customers, suppliers or contractors access to systems such as computers, programmes and apps to safely view, upload or edit confidential files a file while being monitored. […]

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Why New Machinery Is Vital for Manufacturing Firms

As an executive or leader in the manufacturing space, you know how important it is to run a tight ship. Even an hour of downtime on your production line can have serious negative consequences in terms of your overall output and your profits for the quarter. In light of the importance of running an efficient […]

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What Does BPMN Mean for Business-IT Alignment?

All businesses should be trying to improve their processes on a regular basis. This can be difficult without a defined standard for how a process should function and what makes it efficient. Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) does just that. It presents processes in a diagram that is easy to read and translate for anyone […]

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Factors Startups Must Consider before Outsourcing Manpower and Services

Starting a small business is a different level of gambling. You have to consider many factors, but the most critical is how you’ll introduce your brand to your clients. Startups engage in outsourcing when they contract third parties to do jobs, conduct operations, and provide services for the business. According to the businesses that profited […]

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Understanding Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay in Labor Law

When it comes to helping workers maintain a decent standard of living, the U.S. is among the countries around the world setting the bar high. The government has set forth stringent procedural rules and enforcement practices to protect employees from being underpaid or overworked. However, it is not unusual for employers in the U.S. to […]

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