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Importance of Document Management Software

What Is Document Management Software? The best meaning or definition for a document management software/system (DMS), as the name says, is software that allows the storage, creation, indexing, managing, recovery, and protection of digital paper, commonly known as documents. Although the high percentage of document management software for bookkeepers reserves all of your digital papers […]

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12 B2B Inbound Marketing Tactics Every Marketer Should Know

Inbound marketing is a B2B strategy that focuses on providing information to the customer rather than waiting for them to come to you. While it is the most effective way for B2B marketers to generate high-quality leads, this type of marketing requires a lot of work and time before it starts to produce results. B2B […]

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What Does It Mean to Have a Truly Inclusive Workplace?

Inclusivity—the adoption of policies and procedures to make everyone in a team feel comfortable, accepted and valued—is a key component of success in business, as reported by the US Chamber of Commerce. Inclusive and diverse companies regularly outperform their competition, as found in McKenzie research. They are also more likely to capture new markets, earn higher […]

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Mistakes You Should Never Make at a Hybrid Event

The events industry has undergone a massive transformation with the pandemic hitting the world. All the events were canceled due to restrictions on physical gatherings. But it has also done some good for the sector. Event planners became flexible to harness the power of technology, leading to virtual events. With restrictions easing down, people have […]

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Implementing Virtual Data Room in Your Business: Pros and Cons

Using virtual data rooms (VDRs) to perform various business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A) has become popular in recent years for their flexibility, security, and convenience. M&A data room is convenient for businesses because it can handle even the most sensitive data and conduct business activities with heightened security. Traditional data rooms are a […]

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How to Make Your Employees Move Up the Rating Scale

Implementing a rating scale can often invite mixed reactions from employees. While high performers often look up to it, those struggling to get good ratings can get demoralized, resulting in poor work performance or, worse, attrition. In a bid to counter such situations, you can attempt to bridge this disparity by making your employees move […]

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7 Steps to a Successful Presentation

When you create a presentation, do you think about how to convey it to your audience in order to impress it? How to capture people’s attention, convey your thoughts? Brilliant orators of the past have long proved that with the skillful use of the rules of oratory, even the most boring topic can be presented […]

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MSP Websites & How They Can Grow in 2022

MSP marketing is a modern approach to marketing that focuses on the managed service provider (MSP) community. In short, it’s a radical shift in the way we think about and deliver marketing messages. MSPs are service providers who manage and operate IT systems for other businesses. The MSP community has grown rapidly in recent years […]

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The Importance of Workplace Communication under Social Distancing Orders

From the looks of it, social distancing protocols, lockdowns and stay-at-home orders will continue to be a reality for some time. Granted, this has made a number of things awkward and complicated, but by now we have learned to work around these new limitations. Not only that, but the sudden need to improvise and adapt […]

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Leave Management: Outsource or Automate?

Staying on top of your leave management responsibilities is difficult to do manually, so lots of businesses choose to either outsource this to a third party or automate it as much as possible to minimize the workload involved. If you have yet to make a decision either way, here is a look at the positive […]

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4 Digital Marketing Resources Every Business Needs

Businesses usually prioritize marketing efforts to gain momentum in their respective industry. While traditional methods remain influential, many established companies and startups are now shifting to digital marketing strategies. Not only are they easier and more effective to implement, but there is also a diverse selection of digital marketing tactics. Depending on your business goals, […]

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Benefits of Prepaid Cards

Financial management is an area that many businesses struggle with, especially when you have staff that often have expenses to cover in their role. One solution that is gaining in popularity is to use prepaid cards and these can bring a range of benefits to your business. Keep reading to discover why your company should […]

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Complimentary Business Training Guides

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