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Design Thinking Driven Problem Solving and Innovation

“Design is not what is looks like or feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs Design Thinking: An Introduction Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that is becoming increasingly popular across various industries. It is a user-centric approach that involves understanding the needs, wants, and behaviors of users to create innovative solutions […]

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10 Principles of Cost Transformation

Cost Transformation is a reality that every organization has to face, several times, in its period of existence.  Proper and enduring Cost Transformation provides an opportunity to reformulate an organization’s complete course.  It may result in divestiture of established businesses, even profitable ones, if they do not match the Strategy or the enterprise’s most distinguishing […]

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5 Stages of Management Evolution

Organizational Development has matured hand in hand with the stages of human societal development.  Anthropological investigations have identified at least 5 distinct organizational structures throughout human history. This development has been described in several ways by different experts.  Frederic Laloux, in 2014, started analyzing emerging organizations that were setting themselves apart from the established organizations […]

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Dual Innovation Ecosystem Strategy

When new technologies and competitors disrupt markets, many enduring organizations exert to keep going.  Possible reasons for disruption may be multiple but one of them is inadequate preparation to develop new products and services during uncertain times. In order to manage disruptions some businesses partner with others.  Productive partnerships comprise of having the right people, […]

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Capabilities-driven Growth Strategy

A business remains viable as long as it keeps growing.  However, forecasting how much the business will grow in a year, or in a certain period of time, is a difficult proposition for any business leader.  Likewise, it isn’t easy for the leaders to envisage the following scenarios: How much growth is necessary for their […]

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Megatrends Framework

A “megatrend” is a large-scale pattern or movement that has a major, long-lasting impact on business and society. Examining Megatrends to interpret global intricacies has a long history that goes back to mythology.  Megatrend was not a term used before 1982; John Naisbitt came up with the term in his 1982 book by the same […]

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Organizations turn to different sources of gaining Competitive Advantage and outperforming their rivals.  In the past, leading multinationals with diverse portfolio of product or service offerings used to have assets, positions, and economies of scale serve them as sources of advantage. However, nowadays, leading industry players employ an entirely different course to attain Competitive Advantage.  […]

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Integrative Innovation Management

When new technologies and competitors disrupt markets, numerous existing organizations struggle to remain competitive.  Situations like these encourage some organizations to partner with others. Fruitful partnerships comprise of having the appropriate people, processes, and organizational backing.  This calls for an Integrative approach to Managing Innovation. Various aspects of the Innovation process have to be integrated […]

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4 Vital Premises of Dual Innovation Management Systems

Conventional Innovation Management is unable to sustain itself in the face of contemporary needs. Dual Innovation has become a necessity for businesses to survive intense competition in today’s markets. Dual Innovation refers to extending current Business Models in new directions, as well as creating completely novel Business Models at the same time. Innovation Management comprises […]

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Adaptive Innovation Ecosystem Strategy

When new technologies and competitors disrupt markets, numerous organizations struggle to keep up using arcane Business Models, strategies, technologies, and practices.  Most likely reason is that they are inadequately prepared to develop new products and services amidst uncertainty. Situations like this stimulate some organizations to partner with others.  Fruitful partnerships comprise of having the appropriate […]

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University Partnership Canvas (UPC)

Partnerships among corporations and universities are important drivers of the Innovation economy. Numerous organizations are diverting their focus in university and Innovation ecosystem interaction, from incremental problem-solving to long-term improvement and meticulous contact with new startups. Contemplating the answers to 6 key questions assists the organizations in building up a strategic outlook on their partnerships.  […]

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Innovation during COVID-19

Organizations have reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic in their own ways.  Almost all had to change the way they were operating in order to cope with the challenges thrown up by the crisis. Companies have discovered novel means to market, service, and function through the pandemic.  Notable Innovation throughout various industries has taken place as […]

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