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Selling on Flevy: Writing and Optimizing the Document Description

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to increase sales on Flevy is to optimize your listing’s document description.  Follow these 9 best practice principles. 1. Write at least 300 words. We recommend writing a detailed description that is at least 300 words.  This helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google and other […]

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Using Authoritative Sources in Business Writing

Communicating with clients, colleagues, and social media audiences is key for business people, with LinkedIn having  675 million active users and a high rate of activity. From writing business reports to publishing an authoritative article on LinkedIn, written communication is a key way to sell products and services, inform audiences of new developments in your sector, and […]

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Selling on Flevy: Basics of Selling Your First Document

Interested in becoming an author on Flevy.com? In a 3-step process, we will cover the basics of how to get started selling your first document on Flevy: Step 1. Registering. Step 2. Setting up your author profile. Step 3. Selecting and uploading your first document. First, here’s a brief overview of Flevy to set the […]

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Flevy’s Business Documents Will Be Made Available through Leading Enterprise Excellence Platform EON

Flevy (https://flevy.com) and P5G (pioneers of the Enterprise Excellence Platform EON) have finalized a partnership to distribute select Flevy documents in the EON software platform (https://www.phase5group.com/). “We are excited to extend our business frameworks and Lean tools to EON’s customer base,” said David Tang, CEO of Flevy.  “EON is a powerful and innovative software; and […]

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ISOQualitas to Launch Consulting Partner Program for Auto Parts Manufacturing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software

ISOQualitas has partnered with Flevy to launch a Consulting Partner Program (https://flevy.com/isoqualitas) to drive adoption of its flagship product, ISOQualitas.PLM.  ISOQualitas.PLM is a comprehensive and integrated software that optimizes all Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) activities—from Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), through the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), and all the way to manufacturing with nonconformities […]

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New Consulting Engagements Made Possible by ISOQualitas

Editor’s Note:  With over 700 clients, ISOQualitas is the leading providing of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Quality Management software for the auto parts manufacturing industry.  Flevy manages the Consulting Partner Program for ISOQualitas. If you a consulting firm interested in participating in our program, please contact us at isoqualitas@flevy.com.   * * * * As […]

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Selling on Flevy: Presentation Design

Are you selling a PowerPoint presentation on Flevy?  Great!  That is our best selling format and can generate a lot of recurring sales–but only if you design it right. This guide is focused on the “science” of presentation design that is optimized for Flevy sales.  You can have the most compelling content on Flevy, but that won’t lead […]

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Selling on Flevy: Some Guiding Principles

Are you an author on Flevy?  Here are some guiding principles to know and follow that will help you maximize your sales over the long term.   Know the Hierarchy of File Types. PowerPoint > Excel > Word > PDF.  By far, the most popular file format purchased on Flevy is still PowerPoint.  Read this guide […]

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Download Our Free Primer on Strategy Development and Strategy Execution

What is strategy without execution?  Merely  theory. A successful business requires both a well developed strategy and the ability to execute on that strategy.  Many companies develop robust strategies, but fail at operationalizing their strategies into implementable steps. We have just released a free primer on Strategy Development and Strategy Execution.  It is a 54-slide deck that […]

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Need a PowerPoint Jockey? Or an Excel Monkey?

We have just launched a set of Document Services, which includes both PowerPoint and Excel Service Offerings. PowerPoint Services Our presentation designers are hired from McKinsey’s Graphic Visuals team, based in India. Graphic Visuals provided business presentation creation support to McKinsey’s consulting arm. Services range from converting scanned notes into slides to developing PowerPoint master […]

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Introducing Flevy Business Toolkits

We recently added end-to-end Business Toolkits to our document offerings. Each toolkit is a collection of multiple documents that, when used together, provide a comprehensive and holistic framework for a project or business topic. Below are several examples: Product Launch Strategy https://flevy.com/business-toolkit/product-launch-strategy-pls Performance Management https://flevy.com/business-toolkit/performance-management-perf Marketing Plan Development https://flevy.com/business-toolkit/marketing-plan-development-mktg Balanced Scorecard https://flevy.com/business-toolkit/balanced-scorecard-bsc Project Management https://flevy.com/business-toolkit/project-management-pm […]

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Happy 4th of July! Check out What We’re Giving away Right Now

Happy 4th of July from Flevy.com!  Here are the current free downloads we are offering across all our campaigns: Flevy Tools https://flevy.com/powerpoint-plugin Our most popular giveaway, Flevy Tools is a robust PowerPoint plugin that allows you to dynamically generate 10 common business diagrams. These include Gantt Charts, Network Diagrams, Waterfall Charts, Booz Balls, Approach Diagrams, […]

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Complimentary Business Training Guides

Many companies develop robust strategies, but struggle with operationalizing their strategies into implementable steps. This presentation from flevy introduces 12 powerful business frameworks spanning both Strategy Development and Strategy Execution. [Learn more]

  This 48-page whitepaper, authored by consultancy Envisioning, provides the frameworks, tools, and insights needed to manage serious Change—under the backdrop of the business lifecycle. These lifecycle stages are each marked by distinct attributes, challenges, and behaviors. [Learn more]

We've developed a very comprehensive collection of Strategy & Transformation PowerPoint templates for you to use in your own business presentations, spanning topics from Growth Strategy to Brand Development to Innovation to Customer Experience to Strategic Management. [Learn more]

  We have compiled a collection of 10 Lean Six Sigma templates (Excel) and Operational Excellence guides (PowerPoint) by a multitude of LSS experts. These tools cover topics including 8 Disciplines (8D), 5 Why's, 7 Wastes, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), and DMAIC. [Learn more]
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