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I03 - Business Case
8-page Word document. The Business Case aims to establish a long-term vision for the solution to be built, addresses the business objective and how the solution will deliver benefit to an organisation (from both a financial and non-financial [read more]

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Data Privacy
23-slide PowerPoint deck. In this Information Age, safeguarding the confidentiality and security of data is becoming increasingly strenuous for many organizations. Globalization, outdated data repositories, susceptibility of knowledge workers to disclose vital [read more]

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STARS Framework
23-slide PowerPoint deck. Effectively delivering on the new role is one of the most challenging endeavor in the careers of managers, on which rests their overall professional success or failure. There is no universal approach to effectively transition into new [read more]

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Consultant Agreement
Listed under:  Operations  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Safwan Khan
5-page Word document. If you are hiring a freelance consultant or a consulting company for your business then you should always draft a consultant agreement before you start. Having a consultant agreement will protect you in the long run while doing [read more]

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Famous Quotes on Operational Excellence (Slides)
33-slide PowerPoint deck. This is a compilation of famous quotes on Operational Excellence from renown individuals, like Eiji Toyoda, Jack Welch, Peter Drucker, Henry Ford, and Shigeo Shingo.

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Process Capability
Listed under:  Operations  Organization, Change, & HR
View more from: Nishil Josh
47-slide PowerPoint deck. This Process Capability presentation will provides information about changes and tendencies of the system during production. Details step by step guidance to conduct Process Capability. These presentations can be modified and re-branded [read more]

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Succession Management Execution
19-slide PowerPoint deck. The changing business landscape calls for business to adopt a high-impact succession management system. Succession Management is not a mere listing of potential leaders. Succession Management both identifies and develops high-potential [read more]

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Lean Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
Listed under:
View more from: Opex
32-slide PowerPoint deck. Value Stream Mapping is a Lean Management method for analyzing the current state and designing a future state for the series of events that take a product or service from its beginning through to the customer. Value Stream Mapping is [read more]

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Market Research Tool
Listed under:  Operations  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Safwan Khan
3-page PDF document. Are you conducting market research for your product or service? This professional survey plan will help you get relevant information and data from your potential customers. It will save you time and money in creating one yourself.

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Services Agreement
Listed under:
View more from: K.G LAW
7-page Word document. An all - inclusive 7 pages long Sample Services Agreement drafted by lawyers that is legally binding and can protect both the Services Provider and the Client. Can be used for the provision of any kind/s of services, outsourcing [read more]

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