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Strategic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
23-slide PowerPoint deck. Technology and digitization has reinforced the importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in enhancing employee performance and organizational productivity significantly. The role of KPIs is becoming more and more dynamic. They are [read more]

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Agility in Supply Chain Network Design
24-slide PowerPoint deck. Online retailing has changed. Before, e-commerce companies fulfilled consumer demand from a small number of large-scale warehouses that carried similar catalog of items. Inventory for low-volume products were maintained in a few locations [read more]

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12 Highly Innovative and Creative Planning Templates
13-slide PowerPoint deck. 12 Professional, innovative and high impact planning templates that you can easily modify each to meet your specific circumstances. The templates offer powerful and striking planning tools that you can use to impress in presentations, [read more]

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ITIL 4 Poster: ITIL 4 Practices (printable A1, A2)
Listed under:  Information Technology
View more from: Ivana Nissen
0-page PDF document. BENEFITS OF DOCUMENT ITIL 4 Foundation learning material ITIL 4 Awareness material & visual aid for promoting ITIL 4 Value stream concept Visual aid to ITIL 4 Awareness campaign Poster gives overview of purpose [read more]

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100 Day Plan Template
10-slide PowerPoint deck. This template provides transitioning Executives with a 100-day plan structure for assessing the function area. The plan shows how, when and what you will conduct in the first 100 days of your function. The slides are divided into 3 phases [read more]

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Learn to Collaborate and Better Teamwork
Listed under:  Operations
View more from: Gert and Harry - Envisioning
4-page PDF document. TEACH YOUR PEOPLE TO WORK TOGETHER. Collaboration, teamwork is of strategical importance. As Patrick Lencioni said, "Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it [read more]

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Investment Teaser Guidelines
8-slide PowerPoint deck. This investment teaser guideline will assist you in developing the presentation required to summarise a potential sales process and highlight the unique selling points of a company. The document comprises of the following sections: 1. [read more]

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Digital Supply Chain Strategy
25-slide PowerPoint deck. In today's Digital Age, organizations are faced with the changing nature of the demand curve and the element of uncertainty in the Supply Chain. For Operations Teams, the challenge and Competitive Advantage has become: How well we respond [read more]

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Objectives and Key Results (OKR)
23-slide PowerPoint deck. Successful organizations are using Objectives and Key Results (OKR) now. OKRs are efficient way to track company and team goals and measure their progress. It helps every organization’s success by cutting out unimportant goals and [read more]

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How to Market Your Business Effectively
Listed under:  Operations  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Iansoderetso2
78-slide PowerPoint deck. A complete training programme designed to support businesses in developing a high impact approach to marketing. This starts at the complete beginning of the marketing journey and leads businesses (from sole traders and entrepreneurs to [read more]

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