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Bundle (3 Documents)
Design Thinking Consultant Toolkit product bundle
There are 3 documents in this bundle:

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Post-merger Integration (PMI): Specialized Issues
25-slide PowerPoint deck. There are several challenges in the wake of a PMI that warrant top management’s attention. In this presentation, we discuss 4 types of specialized issues: * Focusing on Cost Synergies over Customers. * Carving out Value from [read more]

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Explicacion de la Buenas Practicas de Mantenimiento
Listed under:
View more from: Renaud Cuignet - RC Management
290-slide PowerPoint deck. Este documento explica en detaille las 37 buenas practicas del cuestionario de auto-evaluacion excel disponible tambien en Mas de 280 paginas de ilustraciones, explicaciones y exemplos concretos para mejorar su [read more]

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Detailed Explanation of Maintenance Best Practices
Listed under:  Operations
View more from: Renaud Cuignet - RC Management
286-slide PowerPoint deck. This document explains in detail the 37 Best Practices of the Maintenance Best Practices Questionnaire that you will find also on More than 280 pages of examples and tangible explanations. This document is a power-point [read more]

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Explication detaillee des Bonnes Pratiques Maintenance
Listed under:  Operations
View more from: Renaud Cuignet - RC Management
302-slide PowerPoint deck. Ce document explique en detail les 37 bonnes pratiques du questionnaire d'auto-evaluation excel que vous trouverez egalement ici sur Plus de 300 pages d'illustrations, d'explications, d'exemples. Ce document vous est propose [read more]

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Design Thinking Frameworks & Models
Listed under:  Operations  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Operational Excellence Consulting   Top Flevy Author [?]
87-slide PowerPoint deck. This presentation is a compilation of PowerPoint descriptions and diagrams used to convey 22 different Design Thinking frameworks and models. (Please note that the materials are meant to be used to supplement your own business or [read more]

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Multicultural Synergy on the Operational Level of Cultures
Listed under:  Organization, Change, & HR  Governance, Risk, & Compliance
View more from: Dr. Stephen Sweid   Top Flevy Author [?]
94-page PDF document. This guide / manual for businesses and governments presents a structured new approach to multicultural harmony and synergy. It defines the culture profiling pyramid similar to the business strategy pyramid, and focuses on the advantages of [read more]

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Big Data as Enterprise Asset & Enablement as Service
Listed under:
View more from: Aadhya Solutions
14-slide PowerPoint deck. This is a comprehensive strategy document that will help you with a perspective of how Industry is adopting Big Data as Service model across enterprises, while helping you layout a vision, target state, key capabilities required, Execution [read more]

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Internet of Things (IOT) driving Digital Transformation
13-slide PowerPoint deck. The strategy document elaborates how Internet of Things will transform and build new business models in Banking & Financial Services organizations with capability to revolutionize products, payments, channels, business processes and asset [read more]

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Digital Transformation: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy
27-slide PowerPoint deck. The rise of the machines is becoming an impending reality. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is here. Most businesses are aware of this and see the tremendous potential of AI. This presentation defines AI and explains the [read more]

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