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Achieve Excellence in
Post-merger Integration (PMI).
Become your organization's resident expert on Post-merger Integration (PMI).
Gain access to our 21 best practice frameworks on Post-merger Integration (PMI). This is a curated collection on PMI, which we will be adding to throughout your subscription period.

M&A is an extremely common strategy for growth. M&A transactions always look great on paper. This is why the buyer typically pays a 10-35% premium over the of the target company's market value.

However, when it comes time for the Post-merger Integration (PMI), are we really able to capture the expected value? Studies show only 20% of organizations capture projected revenue synergies and only 40% capture cost synergies. Not to mention, the PMI process is typically very painful, drawn out, and politically charged, often resulting in the loss of key personnel.

Our Post-merger Integration (PMI) Stream provides you access to established best practices to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Leveraging our PMI frameworks, you can help your organization maximize the value captured from the merger, as well as minimize the challenges and pains of integration. These frameworks explain the overall PMI process, key imperatives, and best practices; and how to integrate key functions (e.g. IT, Sales & Marketing, Procurement). Additional PMI topics include Change Management, Operating Model Design, Organizational Design, among others.


  1. Gain the knowledge and develop the expertise to become an expert in PMI. Our frameworks are based on the thought leadership of leading consulting firms, academics, and recognized subject matter experts.
  1. Learn implementation approaches to directly link core concepts to execution.
  1. All frameworks follow a consistent look and feel, based on the Headline-Body-Bumper design standard adopted by tier-1 consulting firms. They are also all in editable PowerPoint format.

Post-merger Integration (PMI)

$420.00 (29% discount)



  • There are 21 best practice frameworks included with over 460+ total slides (including cover, transition slides).
  • All frameworks are provided in editable PowerPoint format.
  • All frameworks are immediately downloadable after purchase.
  • Access period of 1 year with automatic renewal. You can cancel at anytime and all frameworks will remain accessible until end of annual billing period.
  • License is for 1 user. The user may modify the documents and distribute modified documents. The user may not distribute the frameworks in their original forms to others. For additional users, please purchase additional licenses.
  • Your annual rate of $299 is locked in for the lifetime of your subscription, regardless of how large this collection of frameworks grows.


There are 21 best practice frameworks included. These are also available to be purchased individually from the Flevy Marketplace or to subscribers of FlevyPro. Hover mouse over the framework name for more details.

Acquisition Integration Approaches

(24-slide PowerPoint)

Board Excellence: M&A

(25-slide PowerPoint)

M&A - Fit for Growth

(21-slide PowerPoint)

M&A-driven Organizational Design

(21-slide PowerPoint)

Post-merger Integration (PMI) Primer

(25-slide PowerPoint)

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Post-merger Integration (PMI)
Pricing: Single user license at $299/year
If you encounter any issues in the subscription process, please contact us at flevypro@flevy.com.

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What documents are included in my subscription?

At this time, only the documents listed above are included in this FlevyPro Stream subscription. Throughout the year, we will continue to develop and add more PMI frameworks to your subscription.


Can I modify the content and re-brand presentation?

Yes. You are free to modify and customize these presentations to meet your needs. This even includes replacing the FlevyPro logo with that of your own organization.

Can I can cancel at anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at anytime. After cancellation, your FlevyPro Stream subscription to Post-merger Integration (PMI) will remain active until the end of the current annual billing period.


If I cancel, can I still use these frameworks?

No, your license only allows you usage of these frameworks during your subscription period. To continue using the materials year-after-year, you will need to main an active FlevyPro Stream subscription.


"Your business framework guides help us add structure and clarity to what we're doing and I'm sure improve the output. They also save us a lot of time. Just in opportunity cost of our staff alone, these documents have paid for themselves many times over."

– VP of Marketing at a Multinational Corporation
  "Flevy has been proven to be an invaluable resource for our firm. We have used many of the documents in our client engagements as have found the content to be very thorough and professionally put together. Good to know a resource like this exists."

– Partner at a Management Consulting Firm


Flevy has provided quality business documents to businesses and organizations of all sizes across the world—in over 60 countries. Below is just a very small sample of our customer base.

Did you know?
The average daily rate of a McKinsey consultant is $6,625 (not including expenses). The average price of a Flevy document is $65.


Each FlevyPro Stream gives you unlimited access to a specific management topic. See all our available FlevyPro Streams below. We are releasing new FlevyPro Streams each month.

What is FlevyPro?

FlevyPro is our subscription service to best practice frameworks and tools. As a FlevyPro subscriber, you receive limited monthly downloads from the complete FlevyPro Library.

FlevyPro is ideal for business owners, corporate-level executives, and generalist management consultants who engage in a variety of management topics.

What are FlevyPro Streams?

Each FlevyPro Stream represents a subscription to a specific functional topic (e.g. PMI). Whereas traditional FlevyPro provides access to all subject matter, this offering is focused on 1 area of expertise.

More importantly, you receive unlimited downloads from day 1, instead of a limited number of downloads each month (as is the case with the traditional FlevyPro subscription).

FlevyPro Streams are ideal for executives, consultants, and other business professionals who specialize in specific disciplines and desire to achieve Excellence in their fields.

54 frameworks included
Digital Transformation Stream
Total best practice frameworks included: 54
Retail value on the Flevy Marketplace: $1080

$399 /year

View Details

38 frameworks included
Strategy Development Stream
Total best practice frameworks included: 38
Retail value on the Flevy Marketplace: $760

$399 /year

View Details

19 frameworks included
Performance Management Stream
Total best practice frameworks included: 19
Retail value on the Flevy Marketplace: $380

$249 /year

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27 frameworks included
Change Management Stream
Total best practice frameworks included: 27
Retail value on the Flevy Marketplace: $540

$399 /year

View Details

20 frameworks included
Innovation Management Stream
Total best practice frameworks included: 20
Retail value on the Flevy Marketplace: $400

$299 /year

View Details

22 frameworks included
Business Transformation Stream
Total best practice frameworks included: 22
Retail value on the Flevy Marketplace: $440

$249 /year

View Details

26 frameworks included
Customer-centric Design (CCD) Stream
Total best practice frameworks included: 26
Retail value on the Flevy Marketplace: $520

$249 /year

View Details

37 frameworks included
Organizational Leadership (OL) Stream
Total best practice frameworks included: 37
Retail value on the Flevy Marketplace: $740

$349 /year

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14 frameworks included
Value Creation Stream
Total best practice frameworks included: 14
Retail value on the Flevy Marketplace: $280

$199 /year

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