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Howard Highsmith, CMC Emeritus

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Breakout Sales Growth Methodology
95-slide PowerPoint deck. Producing aggressive sales growth in an ever changing and increasingly complex sales environment has challenges that can certainly keep one up at night. I know, I didn't get my nickname The Greyfox--i.e. early grey hair for nothing! [read more]

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DARE (Delivering Against Revenue Expectation) Sales Model
36-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting ZIP. Welcome to DARE (Delivering Against Revenue Expectation). DARE represents tested, out-of-the-box thinking and a model for managing sales activity, creating competitive advantage, and improving Win-Rate in a complex sales [read more]

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Why Quotas Are a Poor Choice (for Sales and Goal Attainment)
31-slide PowerPoint deck. Why Quotas Are a Poor Choice for Driving Sales & Managing Goal Attainment is a presentation devoted to executing a revenue generation strategy that both achieves and sustains revenue goals. This is accomplished by changing the way sales [read more]

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Why Salespeople Fail
25-page Word document and supporting PDF. It is widely reported the cost of onboarding a field salesperson is $250,000. Depending on tenure and more, in the end, a company can face expenses more than $840,000. This include hiring fees, overall compensation, severance pay, the [read more]

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"Sustaining" Sales Growth
38-slide PowerPoint deck. "SINCE WHEN has it become acceptable that organizations operating in complex sales environments would consistently lose more of their revenue opportunities than they actually won? And worse -- they would do little-to-nothing about [read more]

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