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  1. Preovides a comprehensive concept of 5S in just 7 mind map posters
  2. Can be used both as a training material as well as display posters
  3. Great recall value and hence implementation success being based on the scientifically proven learning methodology of mind maps.


Mind Maps on 5S Workplace Organization Program

The concept of 5S is easy to understand, but difficult to implement & sustain.

5S is a Japanese technique for creating & maintaining a clean, neat and free from clutter workplace that enables producing quality under an efficient and safe work environment. The 5 elects of this concept are:
1. Seiri - Sort (Segregate unwanted items and take them out)
2. Seiton - Set-in-Order (A place for everything & everything in its place)
3. Seiso - Shine (Clean everything to create an impeccable place)
4. Seiketsu - Standardize (Create standards to maintain the workplace)
5. Shitsuke - Sustain (Develop & maintain good workplace habits)

The important part in 5S deployment is:
-Internalizing the concept clearly, and
-Be reminded of the key 5S methods & tools, time & again
This need is fulfilled by the 5S Mind Maps & a Collage, prepared by E&E, the leading workplace posters company.

The 6 mind maps + 1 collage on the concept of 5S can train a user through a network of 5S steps inter-spread with relevant visuals. The charts are based on a concept of ?Mind mapping', developed by the world-renowned author & consultant, Mr. Tony Buzan.

A Mind Map is a powerful graphic technique, which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the human brain, using words, images, numbers, logic, rhythm, colour and spatial awareness. A Mind Map helps in imparting improved learning and clearer thinking to enhance human performance.

These charts as well as the accompanying 5S collage help people at work place to not only learn and imbibe the concept, but also act as constant reminders and triggers to keep on using the tools of 5S.

Poster 1: The 5S's - provides an overview of the 5S concept and the steps needed for implementing the 5S's, viz.
i) S1: Sort
ii) S2: Set-in-order
iii) S3: Shine
iv) S4: Standardize
v) S5: Sustain

A brief of the major steps under each of the above 5S's is also given in this poster. Further details of activities under each S are displayed in the following posters.

Poster 2: S1: Seiri (Sort) - This poster provides mapping of the various activities under the 1st S (sort) and their sequence, as follows:
i) Red tag
ii) Remove
iii) Review
iv) Dispose off
v) Identify improvement opportunities
vi) Benefits of S1

Poster 3: S2: Seiton (Set-in-Order) - This poster provides mapping of the various activities under the 2nd S (set-in-order) and their sequence, as follows:
i) What is to be kept (Names)
ii) Where to be kept (Location)
iii) How to be kept (Condition)
iv) How much to be kept (Quantity)
v) Make everything visible
vi) Benefits of S2

Poster 4: S3: Seiso (Shine) - This poster provides mapping of the various activities under the 3rd S (Shine) and their sequence, as follows:
i) Definition
ii) Decide cleanings elements (individual)
iii) Decide inspection elements (individual)
iv) Clean (Major, Macro & Micro Cleaning)
v) Inspect
vi) Attitude for Seiso

Poster 5: S4: Seiketsu (Standardize) - This poster provides mapping of the various activities under the 4th S (Standardize) and their sequence, as follows:
i) Definition
ii) Create standards for S1, S2, & S3
iii) Visual Controls (Making things visible)
iv) Visual Controls (Preventing errors)
v) Visual Controls (Instructing people)
vi) Visual Displays
vii) Benefits

Poster 6: S5: Shitsuke (Sustain) - This poster provides mapping of the various activities under the 5th S (Sustain) and their sequence, as follows:
i) Meaning of 'Sustain'
ii) Infrastructure
iii) 5S Training
iv) 5S Routines (Action events)
v) 5S Site Assessments
vi) 5S Promotion
vii) Reward & Recognition
viii) Management Support

Poster 7: The 5S Elements - It is a collage of various words related to 5S concept. These words are either a method, or a tool or some result of the 5S's. Every time you look at this poster, you will notice some of the words imbibed in it. This poster will act as a constant reminder to keep working for the 5S's.

These Mind Map Posters are available as a PDF file that can be easily printed in color or in grey with your office printer in size A4 or A3 (for each poster). Alternatively, you can also get them printed in bigger A2 posters through professional printing service providers.

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Source: 5S Mind Maps - A Set of 7 Printable Educational Posters PDF document


5S Mind Maps - A Set of 7 Printable Educational Posters

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