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Social Media Etiquette Guide for Businesses [Infographic]

Who knew learning dinner table manners would one day translate digitally? All those eye-rolling, inflamed moments of youth where you are forced to learn the proper “etiquette,” where to put your fork and how to talk to guests…Well, it just so happens, knowing your online etiquette can help you in the long run if you are trying to get a large social media presence up and running.

For companies looking to expand, having a social media presence is fundamental, and takes more work than you might think. Getting a strong following on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and even Instagram doesn’t just happen overnight. The work doesn’t end just because you’ve set up a Facebook page and post frequently, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be getting an army of followers. Sometimes maybe you might need to tone back your posts, or take on a more casual personality. Sometimes maybe you’ll need to switch platforms, or cross-reference sites. Of course, there is never a single “right” way to do it, but taking the time to learn the right etiquette can be extremely helpful in the long run. Here are tips to keep in mind as you’re building your online presence.

SocialMediaEtiquette (2)

Source: https://tollfreeforwarding.com/blog/social-media-etiquette-guide/


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Ivan Serrano is a social media, technology, and business journalist living in the Bay Area of California. You can follow Ivan on Twitter @IvanSerrano55.

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