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Healthcare & Life Sciences Business Documents (Page 4)

Browse Healthcare & Life Sciences business documents, Healthcare & Life Sciences business templates, Healthcare & Life Sciences business presentations, Healthcare & Life Sciences financial models, and other documents focused on Healthcare & Life Sciences.

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Employee Management (Healthcare Industry)
Listed under:  Operations  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: shivomagg
6-page Word document. The paper provides a research report on employee management in context of health care industry. The effects of standardization of processes on organizational performance and individual performance have been studied extensively. Scholars [read more]

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Brain PPT Template
Listed under:  PowerPoint Templates
View more from: TemplatesSTORE
21-slide PowerPoint deck. Brain PPT Templates: A Human Brain in Back Ground suitable for Brain Related PPT Templates for Presentation. Attracts people especially doctors Download now

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Intake and Admission Description
Listed under:  Medical facility operation  Health & Safety
View more from: Dr. Chris Stout
45-page Word document. The admission process into a facility is a time of procedural concerns of legalities, clinical necessity, appropriateness of treatment venue, adequacy of coverage, and other important details. Chapter 1 provides a variety of forms and [read more]

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Laboratory Management
Listed under:  Health & Safety
View more from: Dr. Chris Stout
14-page Word document. This set of forms provides what needed for Laboratory Management in a clinical facility.

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Clinical Assessment and Evaluation
Listed under:  Health & Safety
View more from: Dr. Chris Stout
24-page Word document. These forms provide a variety of Clinical Assessment and Evaluation tools for a facility upon a patient's admission.

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Ear Anatomy PPT Templates
Listed under:  PowerPoint Templates
View more from: TemplatesVision
21-slide PowerPoint deck. Attractive Ear Anatomy theme in the Background! Attracts People especially Doctors to Buy Ear Anatomy PowerPoint Templates: Buy Ear Anatomy PPT Template (PowerPoint Templates) at less Price. You can Download Ear Anatomy PowerPoint [read more]

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Market Overview: Multiple Myeloma
Listed under:  Pharma Industry  Health & Safety
View more from: pharmzolgas
27-page PDF document. The multiple myeloma market will witness an impressive 10% annual growth over 2015-2025, with major-market sales increasing from $8.6 billion in 2015 to $22.3 billion in 2025. Growth will be fueled by the continued uptake and label [read more]

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Pharma Image Layouts: Mental Health
35-slide PowerPoint deck. PowerPoint Image Layouts Visually enhance your presentation with our image templates. Our extensive collection includes high resolution photo, portraits, various options for inserting image files, and portfolio layouts in an array of [read more]

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Bundle (5 Documents)
Pharma Disease Insight Oncology product bundle
Listed under:  Health & Safety  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: BigPharma2000
There are 5 documents in this bundle:

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2016 - Control Options for Australian Health Systems
Listed under:  Operations
View more from: Chloe2013
29-page PDF document. The objective of this presentation is to discuss available strategies for policymakers and administrators to contain healthcare costs We discuss the components of costs as well as the factors that drive cost growth. In particular we [read more]

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