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Strategy Development and Deployment with Hoshin Planning

strategy_hoshin_planningPeople and their managers are working so hard to be sure things are done right, that they hardly have time to decide if they are doing the right things. – Stephen R. Covey

Strategy is an expression of what an organization intents to do to get from a current state to a future state.

Strategic plans are often developed in isolation and rarely aligned across an organization. As a result, the organization’s strategy and strategic objectives are not well defined, are not well communicated and do not impact day-to-day decision making.

Our Strategy Planning and Deployment Process, using Strategy Maps and Hoshin Kanri, provides an organization with simple and effective methods and tools to develop, communicate and align its business objectives, strategic initiatives, operating plans, targets and goals.

A Strategy Map is a logical framework for identifying and organizing a collection of initiatives and activities, that support a specific Strategic Focus Area and Objective, over the four Balanced Scorecard dimensions; Financials – Customers – Internal Business Processes – Learning & Growth. Everything is linked to capture and visualize the cause and effect relationships.

To cascade each Strategy Map, interaction between the different level of an organization is necessary. This process is often called “catchball”, reflecting that all the participants in the process should be given the opportunity to “throw” ideas back and forth. An effective “catchball” process will result in well-defined and aligned action plans engaging the entire organization. The outcome of the “catchball” process is often documented and visualized using a Hoshin X-Matrix.

You can learn more about Operational Excellence from the author’s training guides available on Flevy, including a free-of-charge presentation, An Introduction to Operational Excellence.

Strategy Maps are also the foundation for building an effective Performance Management Systems and aligned Balanced Scorecards for the different levels of an organization.

A well-defined, methodical and disciplined review process and the deployment of Process Excellence Solutions, including Lean Management, Six Sigma, Business Process Development and Problem Solving, will ensure that progress toward the Strategic Breakthrough Objectives is made and that any risks and roadblocks are identified and resolved in a timely manner.

About Frank Adler

Frank Adler co-founded Operational Excellence Consulting (OEC) in 2009 to follow his passion for Operational Excellence and to be able to work with individuals and organizations that share this passion. He has over 20 years of international executive leadership experience in General Management, multi-site Operations & Supply Chain Management, Quality & Customer Support Management, and Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma. View more of OEC's materials on Flevy here, including training guides and free downloads.

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    I hope you have a chance to look at our “Strategy Planning and Deployment Process” training module here on Flevy. It includes all the material, templates and worksheets you need to deploy an effective and efficient Strategy Planning and Deployment Process in your organization.

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