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Implementation: Turning Sales Theory into a Reality

Scores of manuscripts, books, periodicals, and assorted publications have been written about Sales and Sales Management–most of which are brilliantly conceived and well intentioned.  The reader understands the basis of the information either theoretically, conceptually, and/or, as a practical matter, “gets” its significance.

But, something might be missing and that something is: HOW do I do it?

Sales and marketing organizations within corporate entities usually provide very specific strategy and tactics information, which on its face recognizes the importance of engaging the how to’s in the implementation process. Looking back on my career, it became my responsibility to implement the strategies and tactics that could lead to successful outcomes and to share informational outcomes within the organizational structure to help ensure the growth and development of the company.

I have been requested by Flevy to depict and explain how it was performed–i.e., my experiences in helping to grow Roche Diagnostics from its inception in 1969 (since I was the first salesperson hired) up to and including my retirement at the end of 1997.

Within the framework of this venture, my goal will be to reflect upon the company’s progression with an emphasis on how the implementation process worked, not only for me, but for those within my group of equally hard working and dedicated individuals that ultimately comprised our beloved Roche Diagnostics. The implementation process.

With this in mind, the central theme will be the art of implementation.

My initial Fiaccabrino Selection Process is now in a PowerPoint format and we are looking forward to a significant degree of interest on the part of organizations having to deal with costly turnover in its respective sales forces. My goal was and is to present a viable approach to the hiring of extraordinary people by not only dealing with the principles of the format, but, of equal importance, the art of its implementation.

In future articles, there will be case studies contained in three specific formats and at the same time dealing with the common thread of implementation.  They are:

  • Candidate Selection, Hiring, and Development (adjunct to the Fiaccabrino Selection Process).
  • Sales Management.
  • Sales Strategies (and other related formats).

My goal is to share information to enhance the success of others.  More to come.

About Charles Fiaccabrino

Known as "Mr. Roche," Charles Fiaccabrino helped grow Roche Diagnostics from a startup to a multi-billion dollar company. Roche is now a Fortune 200 enterprise with $50B+ in sales. Charles is a seasoned executive of 50+ years who has experience across all topics Sales- and Strategy-related. He also published the Fiaccabrino Selection Process, a powerful methodology for interviewing and screening the "best of the best" sales people.

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