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How to Learn Android Development and Become a Specialist?

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Smartphones are becoming smarter by the day. Now that hardly anyone watches television or uses desktop computers unless for business purposes, it is not surprising that practically every company is searching for professional designers to develop an app for expanding the scope of their businesses.

Not to mention, Android takes 72.6% of the market share worldwide. Quite a remarkable result, isn’t it?

The winners are the ones to choose the right opportunity at the right time. Since the competition for Android development is as fierce as ever, this is the right time to master this domain with the help of courses offered by reliable platforms.

If you’re interested in learning Android development, let’s take a deeper look at how to accomplish this.

Specify Your Reason to Learn Android Development

You’re probably wondering why you should pursue Android programming over other tech careers. Just think of the figures — almost every smartphone user has used Android smartphones in their life, and it still accounts for 80% of all smartphone sales.

Still skeptical? Here are some convincing reasons on why you should start learning Android development:

Open-Source Software

The first and foremost reason for Android popularity is the open-source software. This is a one-of-a-kind feature that distinguishes Google from other OS developers. Thanks to its availability, many smartphone manufacturers like Oneplus Samsung are able to use Android in their tech products.

Google Play Store

Of course, how can we forget the heart of Android, the Google play store? There, you can find millions of applications that can be easily installed and utilized whenever a user wants.

Unlike websites, applications provide a better mobile experience and usability, which explains its popularity. With over 2.56 million applications, 60% of them are free, while the rest, 40%, can be bought at a minimal price.

Growing Job Opportunities

It’s no wonder that Android development is becoming increasingly popular. With each upgrade, the OS becomes more sophisticated, and practically every entrepreneur from small to large businesses plans to expand their exposure by developing and maintaining Android applications with a dedicated team.

This sounds like an opportunity, just like an Android developer’s average salary which is $99,249 per year. Who would want to miss out on that?

Pricing and Revenue

Another great advantage of being an Android developer is that you can name the price of your applications – Google lets developers roll out their apps in a free or paid model.

But, we did say that most applications are accessible in the Google play store, so how would developers earn revenue? The strategy is that free applications come with ads that generate revenue for the developers, while the paid version is free of the pestering ads.

Some programmers offer free download with premium options. For instance, Spotify offers a free version with interrupting ads and premium options that provide tranquility.

Wide Range of Compatible Devices

The use of Android applications is not limited to phones only. Nowadays, every electronic gadget and device is getting smarter. From televisions to watches and even kitchen appliances.

So, by learning Android development, you can innovate or even invent new applications for devices.

Smooth Learning Curve

The term “Android development” may be intimidating, and it may appear that mastering it is challenging. However, you’re in for a pleasant surprise as Android programming is one of the most uncomplicated in comparison to other IT topics.

Steps to Learn Android Development for Beginners

There are various concepts in a particular subject, and if you look at the internet for tips, you will most likely be misguided or led to even more confusion. So, here’s a comprehensive guide on the steps you should take to become a versatile Android developer.

Learn a Programming Language

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Any technical application or software can never be built without a programming language. You most likely know that. But there are plenty of languages you can master to become an android developer, but the issue is, which to learn? Let’s find out.


You’ll almost certainly never find a programming languages list that doesn’t include Java. That’s how versatile Java is. Most of the applications found on the play store are developed using Java, owing to its support from Google.

Using the beginner-friendly Java, you can create applications like games, social media, planner applications, etc.

Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and LinkedIn are examples of applications built from Java.

Suppose you are looking for a reliable platform to learn Java. In that case, you can visit this link to learn Java with maximized efficiency as it provides understandable tutorials and various practices to build and strengthen your understanding and mastery.


Kotlin is yet another popular language that is preferred for Android development. It is considered to be simpler than Java. It was designed to work along with Java on the JVM.

Why is Kotlin considered to be a better option?

  • It is way easier.
  • No long codes.
  • No Null Pointer Exceptions.
  • Multiple libraries.

Pinterest, Evernote, Trello, and Uber are examples of apps created using Kotlin.


C# is an open-source programming language for developing Android apps. C# is similar to Java in terms of complexity and features such as garbage collection. Not only that, but C# is also a popular language used for web development.

Because of its concise and straightforward syntax, C# is better suited for beginners.


In terms of versatility, no programming language can beat Python. This object-oriented programming language can create simple, more helpful, and innovative applications.

But, Android does not support native Python development, so various tools are utilized for converting the Python programs into Android packages that support the application.

Dropbox, Reddit, Instagram, and Disqus are examples of Python employment.

Ensure Enough Technical Knowledge

When developing Android applications, you need to integrate the app with the latest features. There are plenty of instruments and libraries dedicated to fulfilling developers’ needs.

Some of them are:

Android SDK

It is a collection of various libraries and tools that aid in Android development. Whenever Google releases a new version of Android, an SDK version comes along. This SDK gets updated with the latest features for developers to include in their app.

Android SDK is cross-platform and comes with the following tools:

  1. Android SDK Build tool.
  2. Android Emulator.
  3. Android SDK Platform-tools.
  4. Android SDK Tools.

Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is one more collection of libraries that provides developers with Java APIs, architecture components, and suggestions to help while developing applications.

The main components of Android Jetpack are:

  1. Foundation Components
  2. Architecture Components
  3. Behavior Components
  4. UI Components


Google’s Firebase is a platform that includes tools for tracking analytics, reporting, and resolving app issues, to name but a few. A developer can use Firebase to create Android apps and iOS and web apps.

Some of the services offered by Firebase are:

  1. Authentication
  2. Analytics
  3. Realtime database
  4. Crashlytics
  5. Test lab

UI/UX Design

Finally, perhaps most importantly, you must learn how to “groom” your application. Users will barely use the app no matter how smooth it is if it does not have an appealing and interactive display. This is where UI/UX Design helps.

Create the Prototype and Test It

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Prior to creating the main application, developers will design a prototype, test it, and then share it with investors for approval. App prototyping is the process of generating an early version of your app helping in achieving the desired outcomes with minimal effort.

Creating a prototype is the initial stage of Android app development.

Before constructing a prototype, you should first:

  • Identify what you want to build – a weather forecast or an eCommerce application etc.
  • Make a list of the features you want to include in the application. For example, if you are developing a social media app, you need to include features as likes, comments, photo feeds, and so on.
  • Begin wireframing. Wireframing is the method of laying out the framework of an application.

After laying out wireframes, a developer seeks approval and suggestions from their peers. After getting the nod, They can start turning wireframes into a prototype.

Once the prototype is ready, you can release it and wait for feedback. Based on user interaction with your application, you can decide what features are to be kept, removed and improved.

If You Get Stuck, Ask for Help

It is typical to encounter issues when developing. Though we shouldn’t too much rely on the others when addressing issues, there are times when errors just won’t get solved quickly.

Instead of shying away, you can ask for assistance from the ever-active communities listed below. These forums exchange solutions and provide easy-understandable information.

  • GitHub
  • Hacker News
  • Stack Overflow
  • Reddit


The statistics show us almost immense opportunities that Android opens to a developer. That said, it‘s a very reasonable decision to become a part of this market pie by mastering all you need for Android development. Having a particular goal will make your studying persistent and structured. Make sure you have a well-thought-out plan to keep you motivated throughout your learning journey.

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