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Mastering Digital Transformation: Customer Solutions Ecosystem

We are living in a Digital Age.  For organizations to remain competitive, they must develop and execute robust Digital Transformation Strategies. Organizations that have excelled in Digital Transformation distinguish themselves through the mastery of the 4 critical Business Ecosystems. Customer Solutions Ecosystem Operations Ecosystem Technology Ecosystem People Ecosystem In this article, let us focus on […]

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How to Conduct RACI Charting and Analysis Professionally?

Functional areas in an organization are often marred with ambiguities–some process related and other role related.  The Responsibility Assignment Matrix or RACI Charting is a simple technique to resolve these ambiguities.  It works collaboratively to clearly identify functional areas and roles and responsibilities in order to complete a desired activity. The RACI Acronym stands for: Responsible […]

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Is a Managed Service Provider a Good Fit for Your Business?

An increasing number of businesses are looking to outsource their IT support needs to managed service providers – dedicated IT support services who specialise in providing tech support for businesses who can’t – or don’t want to – manage their IT in-house. Like most business decisions, there’s no right or wrong answer in terms of […]

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Understanding Digital Transformation: The Integrated Business Ecosystem Primer

We are living in a Digital Age. For organizations to remain competitive, they must develop and execute robust Digital Transformation Strategies. Organizations that have excelled in Digital Transformation distinguish themselves through their mastery of the 4 critical Business Ecosystems. When organizations excel at managing and integrating the 4 critical Business Ecosystems, they get to outpace […]

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The Secret to Unlocking Business Model Innovation (BMI)

Innovative technologies are sweeping away everything: organizations, work practices, offerings, hierarchies, and even business models.  Those days are long past when business models used to stay static for years to no end.  They are now under threat more so than anything else, since any technology-driven entrant can knock an established business model down in no […]

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Everything You Need to Know to Improve Your In-Store Marketing Strategy

Getting patrons into your store is becoming increasingly difficult with today’s digital conveniences. People can easily just go online and select from a variety of sellers which products they want and have them delivered to their door. They can have their groceries delivered, clothes delivered, and even big ticket items like furniture delivered. This convenience […]

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What Makes a BoD a High Performance Board?

Financial downturns and intense competition has put a lot of strain over boards and directors to perform better.  The effectiveness of the board of directors varies from organization to organization. An accomplished chairman can make the board more constructive and practical by establishing high standards and helping members improve their participation. In 2013, McKinsey & […]

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5 Tips for Sourcing a Good Agrochemical Supplier

Fintech, or financial technology, may be the biggest, fastest-growing industry in the last couple of years, but its place is about to be replaced by a new industry: agritech. The agricultural industry is making a big comeback and leveraging the use of new technology in many ways. In fact, agritech startups have been attracting the […]

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For a Successful Market Entry, First We Must Remove Our Cognitive Biases

New market entry provides potential opportunities for organizations to grow.  But penetrating a market and establishing a new business is fraught with complications and failure.  Attempts at entering a new market often fail, in fact, research suggests that for every successful market entry about 4 fail.  The reasons for such high failure rates involve timing, […]

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When Conventional Collaboration Is Not an Option, the Experts Use Stretch Collaboration

Forging collaboration among persons, teams, and organizations can sometimes be a perfect storm. Often, we expect that members who oppose each other will just blend in when working together on their most crucial and difficult mutual problems. Yet, situations like these can cause circumstances to veer out of control. Conflicts can erupt that may be […]

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Two Steps to a Better Digital Marketing Strategy

You could have built the strongest and most durable business in the world, but without a solid digital marketing strategy, you’re going to struggle. No matter how good your branding, your employees, or your products, if you don’t reach customers, then you’re simply not going to make any sales! An effective digital marketing strategy is […]

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Entrepreneurship is a Lesson in Going Against the Grain

Young founders tend to look at entrepreneurship as a rapid-fire journey to wealth where the heavy lifting is performed by other people. The idea of following a familiar path to success – the shortcut that works every time – is fanciful, but rarely does business success follow a standard formula. Founders Who Follow Existing Formulas […]

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