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Dawn Ringrose
Author of the Organizational Excellence Framework (OEF)

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Dawn Ringrose has consulted to management in areas that positively contribute to organizational performance since 1984. She has a Master of Business Administration, Fellow Certified Management Consultant designation and a number of quality credentials including: Certified Organizational Excellence Specialist,Certified Excellence Professional, Registered ISO 9000 Specialist, Assessor of Quality Systems, and Certified Seminar Leader. She has worked across the public, private, and non-profit sectors with micro, small, medium, and large size organizations. Some of her clients have been recognized with national quality awards.

In 2010, Dawn filled a gap in the quality literature by authoring a publication that integrates global excellence models and provides implementation guidelines for the practitioner. The Organizational Excellence Framework publication is downloadable at no charge on the home page of the Organizational Excellence Specialists website. Since authoring the publication, Dawn has published papers in The TQM Journal (Emerald Publishing), Springer International and QM Forum ASQ, spoken at national and international conferences, trained consultants in over 20 countries, and been appointed to the Board of the Global Benchmarking Network, the Executive Team of the Organizational Excellence Technical Committee and the Leadership Team of QMD at ASQ..

The publication is accompanied by a turnkey toolkit that includes: scenario games, holistic workshops, modular workshops, train-the-trainer program, automated assessment and reporting tool. The assessment tool has been used to conduct the 'first global assessment on the current state of organizational excellence' and to generate a Global OE Index. The report was published in April 2019 provided a snapshot on current state by organization size, industry sector and region. The report is available on the open LinkedIn site for the Organizational Excellence Technical Committee and on the website for Organizational Excellence Specialists.

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