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An effective people development strategy is key for success and being able to react to changing business conditions. Training (or People Development) is a strange thing.

There are some common misunderstandings about training. This blog is an attempt to share one set of thinking. By the way, ask 10 Learning and Development professionals and I am sure you will get 11 different answers!

Whilst in the world of HR & Organizational Development, L&D and Training are seen as different things, at the core of both is the development of peoples' skills.

It is about growing and developing the business. If the business does not grow and change, then there will be no business.

Development of business processes needs to be in step with developing our people.

People Development Strategy or Approach
The goal is to develop people at the same time as the business changes or adapts

+ Business Development
+ People Development

This is often easier said than done!

The risks however are:

? Business Development
? People Development

No development means that any changes in the external environment could well mean the end of the business, certainly reduced market share and profit.

+ Business Development
? People Development

If the business changes but people don't, the people in the business can feel threatened or stresses. Either way productivity is reduced

? Business Development
+ People Development

When businesses develop their people but the jobs and roles do not change, then often people get frustrated and leave. Or they forget the training they have been given!


DEFINITION The acquisition of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that improve an employee's ability to meet changes in job requirements and in client and customer demands (... [read more]

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How To People Development For Winning Competition

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