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Managers usually have to juggle many tasks, projects, and meetings daily. If you try to take on every project yourself, you will most likely end up missing deadlines and ineffectively prioritising. You need to multitask, but you can only do so much. You will end up stressed out. You will be rushed for meetings and somewhat ineffective as your thoughts will be on the tasks at hand rather than the subject meeting. Your staff will also feel a bit demoralized, as they will feel you do not trust them to take on the tasks and projects you are working on. Altogether, it is a lose/lose situation.

This is why delegating is one of the most important aspects of being a successful manager. It might seem like you are passing the work on to others, so you don't have to do it, but that is the wrong way to think and it is untrue. When you delegate, you are able to multi-task more effectively. This helps manage your time to be more prepared for things like upcoming meetings, dealing with internal issues, and prioritizing upcoming projects. It will also help reduce stress. Your staff will be motivated, as they are participating in ways that will help the department and company. Altogether, it's a win/win situation.

An important part of delegating is making the right decisions such as, who will be best suited for the project? How many people are needed? How long it should take? Managers need to make decisions on the problems they are faced with every day. Some problems are small and require little decision making, some are detrimental to the department's success and requires a well thought out and sound decision. You solve problems correctly by making the right decisions up front.

This paper will cover how to effectively delegate, focus on how to multi-task, manage your time, and making the right decisions to solve the problems, all the while keeping your stress levels down.

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Source: Lesson 6 - How to Delegate, Manage Your Time, Solve Problems, & Make the Right Decisions Word document


Lesson 6 - How to Delegate, Manage Your Time, Solve Problems, & Make the Right Decisions

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