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•  Address Diversity Objections and Promote Inclusion
•  Appreciate Diverse Qualities and Characteristics
•  Diversity Benefits, Values and Advantages
•  Ensure Diversity in Recruiting and Selection
•  Interview or Intangibles and Soft Skills
•  Retain Diverse Employees
•  Diversity Business Case Assessment and Recruiting, Hiring and Retention Sample Outcomes
•  Holding Management Accountable for Diversity Screening, Interviewing and Hiring

These tools enable those in human resources, training and development and management to help associates focus on the positives and opportunities presented by diverse team members. Organizations cannot put a price on the benefits, values and advantages of a diverse staff. But clear comparisons can be drawn between the success of organizations where diversity is a priority and flourishes in comparison to those organizations losing market share as they become increasingly irrelevant in a rapidly changing world. Furthermore, costs associated with intolerance, employee dissatisfaction and high rates of turnover increase recruitment costs and decrease productivity and quality when experience is lost. Numerous actions can establish both performance expectations and accountability related to inclusion and a culture of respect and acceptance. Numerous and specific actions can be selected and implemented from those presented to ensure success in a specific industry and organization.


Here are numerous strategies that can be implemented in order to facilitate retention of diverse employees. Organizations can choose two or three achievable strategies to begin... [read more]

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Use this instrument to assess candidates being interviewed regarding the intangibles important to your organization, including diversity. Soft skills can easily be assessed... [read more]

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Numerous strategies and tangible measurements for achieving diversity in recruiting and selection efforts are provided in this document. Organizations can choose two or three... [read more]

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This document not only defines Diversity in broad terms, but also provides over 25 benefits and their related values and advantages to organizations. In addition to race and... [read more]

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This tool helps team members move past initial impressions and assumptions and even beyond biases and filters to appreciate the qualities and characteristics brought to... [read more]

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There are numerous objections raised by those who are not receptive to diversity in the workplace. These objections are often used to alleviate any responsibility on the part... [read more]

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This tool helps to eliminate bias in screening, interviewing and hiring employees. Supervisors and managers are held accountable in their efforts to screen and interview... [read more]

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This document is a Diversity Business Case Assessment and Sample Outcomes for Recruiting, Hiring and Retention. It has three primary sections: 1. Focus Group questions for... [read more]

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Recruiting, Selecting, & Retaining Diverse Employees

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