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  1. Integrate a discipline to consistently produce results revenue period-over-period.
  2. Gain vital knowledge needed to achieve aggressive revenue growth.
  3. Achieve revenue goals and dominate a marketplace.


This framework, Executing Explosive Revenue Growth (EERG), presents an approach to executing a high growth revenue strategy through analytics.

Complexity has become the universal outcome of change. For example; on average, 50% of all identified sales pipeline opportunities will be relegated to No Decision; i.e., not won or lost to competition (aka: Churn). The implications of this reality is important, and they dramatically affect issues involving successfully managing a field sales, revenue generation strategy.

The net effect of "complexity" is: there are more questions than there are answers. In a recent 2018 study, it was found:

* 77 percent of buyers don't believe sales reps understand their business well enough.
* An average of 6.8 people is now involved in B2B purchase decisions.
* 40% or two out of five accounts are at risk this year due to combined decision-maker and rep turnover.

In a major body of work, the late Stephen Covey of Covey Company in his work with thousands of companies reports:

* People and teams don't know the goals.
* People and teams don't know what to do to achieve the goals.
* People and teams don't keep score.
* People and teams are not held accountable.


Do you know accurately answers to the following:

1. What should your sales opportunity pipeline ratio be?
2. How much revenue opps in $$ is needed to consistently make your mo. numbers?
3. How accurate are your sales forecasts? (Do you trust the data?)
4. what is your optimum win-rate percentage?
5. what opps did you lose and why?
6. what must your average sales cycle be?


KFI Analytics (Key Future Indicators) gets its name in recognition that an aggressive revenue growth strategy is founded on future thinking. Historical data, while not inconsequential, may not provide the critical data points required to achieve aggressive revenue expectations. Analytics is the blueprint for achieving the strategy.

Note: it is important to also recognize, once fully implemented KFI Analytics becomes the engine for exploiting Artificial Intelligence (AI Sales) and establishing dominance in a given marketplace.


The ability of a sales organization to perform quality analytics clearly separates Best-in-Class organizations from Industry Average and Laggard organizations. Quality analytics requires one to consistently follow a discipline and organize the way information is gathered, reported, and communicated. Important: to make this transition executive management must take the lead. If aggressive revenue growth is your plan, KFI Analytics is your bullet train for achieving your revenue goal.

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Executing Explosive Revenue Growth (EERG)

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