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Structured Communication refers to the organization and presentation of information in a logical, clear, and consistent manner. This can include the use of visual aids, such as charts, graphs, and diagrams, as well as the use of headings (e.g. "headlines"), bullet points, takeaways (e.g. "bumpers"), and other formatting techniques to help clarify and organize the information being presented.

Structured Communication frameworks and techniques are prevalent in art and science of presentation design. It is important in presentation design, because it helps to make the information being presented more understandable and easier to follow. It also helps to ensure that the audience is able to retain and recall the information more easily.

Structured Communication can help to engage and persuade the audience; and can make the presentation more impactful overall. Therefore, it is important to consider the use of proven Structured Communication techniques when developing a business presentation in order to communicate information effectively and accurately, leading your audience to arrive at the decision you desire (or whatever the intended outcome is).

Some popular Structured Communication frameworks include Barbara Minto's Pyramid and MECE (mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive). Minto's Pyramid suggests information should be organized from most general to most specific, with the most important information presented first. This helps to ensure that the audience is able to understand the overall context before diving into the details. The information is visually depicted in a pyramidal shape, hence the name. MECE suggests information should be organized in a way that is both mutually exclusive (meaning that each piece of information stands on its own) and collectively exhaustive (meaning that all relevant information is covered). This helps to ensure that the information is complete and easy to understand.

Both of these techniques, among many others, are pervasively used by management consultants. Consulting firms also have very specific rules around slide design and content structuring. Effective consultants fully understand and appreciate the importance and power of a good PowerPoint presentation. For a consultant, the presentation is not only a powerful communication tool, but also the final work product delivered to the client.


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