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  1. A new way to calculate and predict your ability to strategize and execute against the market Best In Class
  2. Set up profit, value, sales and human capital performance and risk alerts to fend off current and future competitors
  3. Convert your products and services into your customers C-suite most important business tool


"Selected as one of the ten most innovative products by the Department of Trade and Regional Development" NSW Australia.

A new and unique feature of this document is that includes a complimentary 3 month subscription to SIMMETHOD Risk Alerts that will enable you to apply all the concepts of the document in your own company in order to assess your level of risk and compare your company versus the market Best In Class.

The risk alerts during the 3-months complimentary period will enable you to determine your gaps to Best In Class performance, your competitive advantage, the risk embedded in your strategy and execution and the likelihood that your company will be disrupted by new competitors with improved business models.

"SIMMETHOD unique system of risk-reduction early warning value chain and industry leading indicators set up against a constantly updated competitive intelligence database provides hard to obtain insights into threats and opportunities". "By companies comparing themselves to industry and market metrics they can truly assess factually how well they are performing against their competitors and how they need to improve". "This is a powerful methodology that is needed in the marketplace". Steve Maloney, Strategic Account Executive at Salesforce

In spite of billions of dollars spent on predictive analytics, big data and business intelligence, why do some businesses succeed and others fail? What separate future winners and laggards? Is business risk and performance driven by internal decision-making or external circumstances beyond management control?

To answer these questions and to improve the quality of your decision-making capabilities, SIMMETHOD's algorithms review 1000's of financial, operational and crowd sourced data across a range of industries to uncover why some businesses keep on winning irrespective of external market conditions and prepare unique Best In Class profit, value, sales and human capital profiles and risk alerts that will enable you to:

1) Calculate your gap to Best in Class performance and set up early warning risk alerts,
2) Measure and predict your ability to strategize and execute against the market Best in Class,
3) Align the metrics of your CIO and CMO to your CFO and
4) Fend of current and future competitors irrespective from the industry they are coming from.

To help you achieve all the above mentioned objectives, this document includes:

1) Best In Class profit, value, sales and human capital benchmarks,
2) The gap between Best in Class and laggards and
3) A detailed case study of Apple Inc.

showing you step by step how to:

1) Calculate your profit, value, sales and human capital profiles,
2) Calculate your yearly strategy and execution trends,
3) Calculate your profit, value, sales and human capital gaps to the Best In Class profiles,
4) Set up early warning profit, value, sales and human capital risk alerts and
5) Measure your risk and performance versus the Best in Class and the laggards

In essence, as the real measure of your products and services is the value they add to your customers, this document will enable you to link your products and services to your customers levers of value creation converting them into your customers C-suite most important business tools.

"SIMMETHOD is the ability of any principal within a business to navigate the myriad of financial processes and arrive at the focal point of what makes the business successful. It is a comprehensive methodology that translates a company's strategic objectives into a coherent set of performance measures, ultimately adding real dollars to the bottom line" Edmund Khalaf, Group VP and Asia Pacific CFO, Randstad

"What we wanted were indicators that assisted us to determine trends in our business, provide us with a better insight into our business in relation to resources and the way it was moving and help us to identify early on any potential problem areas. SIMMETHOD's risk alerts helped us to systematically develop the link between action plans, resource utilization and monitoring our business. As a direct result, we have been able to make our staff more aware of their achievements and increase their participation in developing and achieving our business plans" John Clark, COO, AM Finance Corporation

"Consider SIMMETHOD to link Business Intelligence and analytics software to business performance improvement" Boris Evelson, VP of Business Intelligence, Forrester Research

Some of the SIMMETHOD clients:

City of Sterling Western Australia, NRMA Training Department, Ernst & Young Spain, Telecom New Zealand, CAECE University Argentina, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Australia, Waverly City Council, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia, Department of Primary Industries Australia, Cynamid Australia, Zurich Insurance Argentina, City of Rosario Argentina and Westfield

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Source: A New Way to Measure and Predict Your Risk and Performance PowerPoint document

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A New Way to Measure and Predict Your Risk and Performance

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