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  1. Provides a framework for implementing standard work to maintain quality, efficiency, safety and predictability.
  2. Provides standard work tools for maximizing performance and minimizing waste.
  3. Provides a standardization methodology to complement your TWI (Training Within Industry) training programs.


In manufacturing operations, standardization is a key element in eliminating process waste and excess inventory and in achieving balanced and synchronous production. Standard work is an agreed upon set of work procedures that effectively combines people, materials and machines to maintain quality, efficiency, safety and predictability. As a foundation stone in Lean manufacturing, standard work establishes the best activities and sequence steps to maximize performance and minimize waste.

This training presentation is specially designed for production teams and managers to understand the basic standard work concepts and applications. Use this training presentation to get everyone on board to maintain quality, efficiency, safety and predictability.

NOTE: This training presentation package includes:
1. Standard Work training presentation (PowerPoint format)
2. Process Capacity Table (Excel format)
3. Standard Work Combination Sheet (Excel format)
4. Standard Work Sheet (Excel format)
5. Takt Time Calculator (Excel format)
6. Time Observation Sheet (Excel format)
7. Work Methods Chart (Excel format)


1. Understand the characteristics of standards in a Lean production system
2. Identify the key benefits and applications of standards and standard work
3. Acquire knowledge of standard work concepts, process and documentation to create stable and repeatable processes to maximize performance and minimize waste


1. Introduction
•  What is Standard Work?
•  What Standard Work Is Not
•  Where Did Standard Work Originate?
•  Standard Work Creates Stability & Consistency in a Lean Production System
•  Standard Assures Quality & Prevents Defects from Happening
•  Standard Work Forms the Baseline for Continuous Improvement
•  Benefits of Standard Work
•  The Framework of Standardization

2. Standardization
•  What is Standardization?
•  Standardization & Simplification
•  Subjects for Standardization
•  Documents in Manufacturing
•  List of Work Standards
•  Filling Out Work Instructions
•  Work Elements & Unit Analysis
•  Operation Instruction Sheet
•  Standard Work Overview
•  Job Instruction
•  Standard Pig Game

3. Standards
•  What is a Standard?
•  The Lack of Standards Creates Waste & Frustrations
•  Example of How the "Stop" Sign was Standardized
•  Applications of Standards
•  Three Characteristics of a Good Standard
•  Types of Standards
•  Value of User-friendly Standards
•  Problems with Standards Communications
•  Three Steps to Establish Standards

4. Standard Work
•  What is Standard Work?
•  Standard Work
•  Six Characteristics of Standard Work
•  Standard Work Must Be Current
•  Standard Work Must Be Complete
•  Standard Work Must Be Clear
•  Standard Work Must Be Correct
•  Standard Work Must Be Concise
•  Standard Work Must Be Communicated

5. Implementing & Sustaining Standard Work
•  Ideal Conditions for Standard Work
•  Components of Standard Work
•  Elements of Standard Work
•  Takt Time
•  Standard Work Sequence
•  Standard Work In Process
•  Four Steps of Standard Work
•  Process Capacity Table
•  Standard Operations Combination Chart
•  Work Methods Chart
•  Standard Work Chart
•  Basics of Time Measurement
•  Maintaining Standard Work
•  Improving Standard Work

6. Improving Standard Work
•  Methods to Increase Productivity
•  True versus Apparent Efficiency
•  What is Waste?
•  Eight Types of Waste
•  3Ms: Muda, Mura & Muri
•  Procedure for Kaizen
•  Key Points for Standardized Work
•  One Piece Flow versus Large Lots
•  Standard Work & Safety
•  5S Principles
•  Kaizen is Endless

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