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  1. Provides a framework for discovering waste in your processes so that you can make a plan to eliminate them as a way to mitigate the effects of a global recession driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Gain knowledge on how to discover, eliminate and prevent waste systematically.
  3. Provides guidelines on the various approaches to discover waste in your production processes.


Many organizations have jumped onto the Lean bandwagon to eliminate waste with the aim of creating customer value, improving quality, reducing costs and shortening lead time.

To eliminate waste, we must first find or discover them. However, for many people who have become so used to their manufacturing or workplace environment, finding waste or identifying what activities constitute waste may be a difficult exercise.

This presentation teaches you how to discover waste. Waste are all around us, and they include all those extraneous and counterproductive assumptions, attitudes, activities, materials, machines, operations and processes.

This presentation can be used to educate your management and staff on the four models that can be used to systematically discover waste on the shopfloor. To be able to discover waste is the first step towards its elimination. This training material can also be used to supplement your Lean Manufacturing, Gemba Walk, Kaizen, 5S and TPM training materials.

NOTE: This training package includes:
1. Identifying Waste training presentation (PowerPoint format)
2. Eight Wastes of Lean poster (PDF format, in color and monochrome, printable in A3 size)


1. Discover waste in your work environment
2. Learn how to remove waste
3. Learn how to prevent waste


1. What is Waste?
•  What is Value?
•  What is Value-added?
•  What is Waste?
•  How Does Waste Take Root?
•  Waste Take Root When We Accept Stopgap Improvement
•  Benefits of Identifying & Eliminating Waste

2. The Classification of Waste
•  The Three MUs: Muda, Mura and Muri
•  The 5M + Q + S
•  The Flow of Goods
•  The Eight Types of Waste (Manufacturing)
•  The Eight Types of Waste (Service/Office)

3. How to Discover Waste
•  Three Approaches to Discover Waste
•  Using the Back Door
•  Bringing Latent Waste to the Surface
•  Analyzing Current Conditions
•  Value Stream Mapping
•  Value-added Flow Chart
•  Flow Analysis Chart

4. How to Remove Waste
•  Adopt the Necessary Attitude
•  Remove Waste in the Movement of Goods
•  Remove Waste in the Actions of People
•  Remove Waste in the Way People, Goods and Machines Are Combined

5. How to Prevent Waste
•  Standardization
•  Visual Controls
•  Auditory Controls
•  5W + 1H

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Identifying Waste

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