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  1. Increased business performance as a result of increased operational efficiency. When it's clear who does what, duplication of work is diminished.
  2. Improved coordination and decision-making. Operating models provide improved ability to plan and sequence initiatives, as dependencies across the organization are better understood.
  3. Better connection with stakeholders by adapting to their changing needs.


The challenge in unlocking the full potential of an organization's operating model has a direct impact on market competitiveness. Cement companies that are successful in executing operating models outperform their competition in the market. This means there is an urgent imperative for organizations to fundamentally improve performance on their operating models.

The success of the cement companies operating model must be seen in a broader perspective to fully understand how vital it is in positioning the business to thrive in the future and in building the confidence of the organization's customers. Therefore, it is important to examine the impact of cement companies operating model success beyond just the short-term focus of costs, schedules and immediate benefits; also, to look at the implications of achieving strategic goals, customer quality and overall reputation in the market.

While helping clients with their strategic objectives, we have gained a deep understanding of when and where operating models get off track, and on the interdependency of the root causes of issues and risks that result in poor performance. We have developed practical and innovative ways to help you identify the right performance plan to undertake, assess whether you are ready to execute it, predict where it will struggle, identify the root causes of current issues, determine if it is aligned to your executive's definition of success and, most importantly, what decisions and actions are needed.

The main role of this operating oodel is to lead and support a change process and to define a structured approach to transitioning teams and organizations from a current (chaotic) state to a desired future (stable) state.

It is an organizational process which aims to help you understand and accept changes in your current business environment.

The secondary file is a ZIP containing:
1) Excel-based Tool regarding tne analysis of the industrial maturity .
2) Original PowerPoint presentation. Note: formatting issues (e.g. font size changes) may exist depending on your version of PowerPoint.


This step is about high-level operating models. It focuses on the link between strategy and operations and between business models and operating models.

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A well-defined and articulated operating model (Performance Plan) is the key answer to similar issue, it's the bridge between strategy and day-to-day operations that... [read more]

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A well-defined and articulated operating model (Performance Plan) is the key answer to similar issue, it's the bridge between strategy and day-to-day operations that... [read more]

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Often we find that company leaders have strong aspirational visions that rally employees to the why, and employees have systematic processes that get the job done because they... [read more]

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Great leaders have an inspiring vision. Staff are experts at what they do. Yet many companies struggle to bridge their strategy (the "how to") and the... [read more]

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How cement companies create value ?

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