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  1. Establish a baseline of your organization based on the TPM Excellence Framework.
  2. Identify your strengths and areas for improvement.


The Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Excellence Award is conferred by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPM) to recognize organizations that have attained a high level of manufacturing excellence. The TPM excellence initiative helps organizations to know where they are on the excellence journey and what they need to do to achieve a higher level of performance. This is done through a thorough assessment of organizational performance against the requirements of an internationally benchmarked TPM excellence framework.


Developed by our JIPM-certified TPM consultant, the guidebook can be used to perform the TPM self-assessment process. Use the tool to benchmark your organization's TPM performance in ten areas of evaluation based on the TPM excellence criteria and checklist items. The total score will give you a baseline of where you are, and the identified strengths and areas for improvement will help you chart an action plan to improve overall performance.


By the end of this self-assessment program, you will be able to:

1. Understand the TPM framework based on the JIPM standard for world-class manufacturing excellence
2. Define the TPM Criteria and Evaluation Areas
3. Describe the Point Values and Scoring Guidelines
4. Conduct a systematic TPM self-assessment and identify areas for improvement
5. Establish a baseline position so you can measure your progress over time


1. Overview of the TPM Excellence Model
About JIPM
Objectives of JIPM
Purpose of TPM Excellence Award
Benefits of Applying for TPM Recognition
Key Characteristics of the TPM Model
JIPM Award Categories
TPM Recognition - Reference Documents

2. Criteria for TPM Excellence
TPM Excellence Model
Assessment Criteria ("Basic Conditions")
10 Assessment Areas
TPM Metrics: What to Measure?
TPM Pillars & Activities

3. Award Criteria Guidance Points
Guidance Points Distribution
Guidance Points for the 10 Areas of Evaluation
Guidance Points for Each Checklist Item

4. Scoring Guidelines
Scoring Guidelines - Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6
Anatomy of Self-assessment Checklist
How to Conduct the Self-assessment
Guidelines on Using the Self-assessment Tool
Scoring Each Category & Item
Writing the Strengths & Areas for Improvement

5. TPM Self-assessment
Purpose of Self-assessment
Role of Self-assessment Team
Senior Management Commitment
The Self-assessment Cycle

6. Post TPM Self-assessment
Follow-up Actions

NOTE: This package consists of a TPM self-assessment guidebook (Primary document) and a TPM self-assessment tool (Secondary document).

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TPM Self-Assessment Guide & Tool

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