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This Excel spreadsheet evaluates and records targets of the CMM (Capability Maturity Model) level for Enterprise Architecture (EA) over a 5-year period.

The following criteria/questions around EA are evaluated:

1. Architecture Process: Is there an established Enterprise Architecture process?

2. Architecture Development: To what extent is the development and progression of the Operating Units' Enterprise Architecture documented?

3. Business Linkage: To what extent is the Enterprise Architecture linked to business strategies or drivers?

4. Senior Management Involvement: To what extent are the senior managers of the Operating Unit involved in the establishment and ongoing development of an Enterprise Architecture?

5A. Operating Unit Participation: To what extent is the Enterprise Architecture process accepted by the Operating Unit?

5B. Operating Unit Participation: To what extent is the Enterprise Architecture process an effort representative of the whole organization?

6A. Architecture Communication: To what extent are the decisions of Enterprise Architecture practice documented?

6B. Architecture Communication: To what extent is the content of the Enterprise Architecture made available electronically to everybody in the organization?

6C. Architecture Communication: To what extent is architecture education done across the business on the Enterprise Architecture process and contents?

7. IT Security: To what extent is IT Security integrated with the Enterprise Architecture?

8. Governance: To what extent is an Enterprise Architecture governance (governing body) process in place and accepted by senior management?

9. IT Investment and Acquisition Strategy: To what extent does the Enterprise Architecture influence the IT Investment and Acquisition Strategy?

This spreadsheet is completely customizable. Scoring guidelines are provided for each question.

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Source: CMM for Enterprise Architecture (EA) - 5-Year Tracker Excel document


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CMM for Enterprise Architecture (EA) - 5-Year Tracker

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