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The IT (Information Technology) function is a department or group within an organization that is responsible for managing and supporting the organization's technology and information systems. The IT function is typically responsible for a wide range of activities and tasks, including developing and implementing technology solutions, managing and maintaining computer hardware and software, and providing technical support and guidance to users. The IT function may also be responsible for managing the organization's data and information systems; and for ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

To have a well functioning, effective IT department, we need to craft and implement an effective IT Strategy. An effective IT Strategy is one that aligns with the overall goals and objectives of the organization—and that is well-suited to the organization's unique Corporate Culture and environment.

An effective IT Strategy should also be well-communicated, well-understood, and well-supported by all stakeholders, and should be flexible and adaptable enough to respond to changing business needs and market conditions.

An effective IT Strategy should include several key components. First, it should clearly define the organization's technology goals and objectives—and should outline the steps that the organization will take to achieve these goals. This can include identifying and prioritizing key technology initiatives, as well as developing plans for implementing and supporting these initiatives.

Moreover, an effective IT Strategy should include a plan for managing and supporting the organization's technology and information systems. This can include identifying and addressing gaps and weaknesses in the organization's current technology infrastructure. It also includes developing and implementing plans for improving and maintaining the organization's technology and information systems.

Additionally, the IT strategy should include a plan for managing and protecting the organization's data and information. This can include implementing security measures and policies to protect the organization's data and information from unauthorized access or loss, and developing and implementing a data governance strategy to ensure that the organization's data and information are accurate, consistent, and compliant with relevant laws and regulations. Data Protection has become increasingly critical in the Age of Data and as the threat of Cyber Security attacks continues to increase.


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