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Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer (SIPOC) is one of several process map types that are used by process improvement teams. It's a favorite! In this module we will understand how to effectively use SIPOC as a high level scoping tool, know how to use SIPOC to embrace all elements of your process, and parties in your process, understand how SIPOC displays the Voice of the Customer (VOC) in your process and use SIPOC as a vehicle for illustrating the boundaries in the process (the start and the stop).

The SIPOC uses an eight step process to help teams understand the process in detail. More importantly though, it highlights the inputs to the process steps and the outputs. Using a SIPOC, it is commonly discovered that one or more process steps are not adding value for the customer, e.g. the inputs and outputs are organizational "busy work" and can be eliminated. By identifying Suppliers and Customers, the SIPOC is also very good and highlighting ownership and responsibility.

This module covers these concepts and is suitable for independent study or formal classroom training and includes a completed example, an exercise, list of tools and quiz questions.

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