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  1. You will learn the entire strategy development and execution process from practicing management consultants- the secret of the pros. To the point- no fluff.
  2. Obtain a unique, comprehensive, ready-to-use template of the Performance Scorecard to generate a consolidated organization level and department level scores of performance
  3. Tool aids in superior strategy execution, breaking down department silos and facilitating cross-functional collaboration


The Performance Scorecard is a unique framework that acts as an invaluable tool for senior management to cut through the clutter of reviewing multiple (and at times irrelevant) department Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provides a single view dashboard to aid performance tracking & strategy execution.

It provides a consolidated template for laying out the organization strategy and an inter-department comparable scoring system that can tracked over time to show the performance trend.

In addition, it facilitates cross-functional collaboration by identifying inter-dependencies and highlighting areas that need coordinated inter-department actions to achieve necessary goals. By prioritizing the most important organizational goals, it alleviates department silo mentality and narrow focus on departmental KPIs

The presentation deck will take you step by step through the entire strategy development and execution process, including the role of the Performance Scorecard. Learn to put into the practice the key steps in the strategy development and execution process-

1. Developing the organization Vision: Know the key elements that define a successful organization vision.

2. Formulating Mission, Objectives and Programs/ Initiatives: Learn how each of these flows sequentially to translate the broad organization vision into key actions at the ground level

3. Strategy Mapping: Learn from a practitioner about one of the most popular strategic management tools in use today- the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), including-
a. Four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard (Financial, Customer, Internal Business Process, Learning & Development)
b. How to use strategy maps to capture the cause and effect relationships that eventually drive financial returns
c. Sample lists of metrics including leading and lagging indicators for each BSC perspective
d. How to cascade scorecards to align the entire organization towards key goals

4. Performance Tracking: Learn how to use the Performance Scorecard to see exactly how the organization is performing on each key metric and at an aggregate level with the consolidated score. Individual department performance is also represented by an inter-department comparable score.

5. Feedback and Review: Track the performance trend over multiple periods, identify critical variances and take corrective action to address issues in strategy execution.

The excel workbook complete with professional formatting, formulas and macros provides a ready to use template for the Performance Scorecard:
* Key in the required input data and the template will generate a single consolidated score at an organizational level, as well as department scores that can be compared to show relative performance.
* Graphically see the month on month performance trend in this consolidated score
* See performance trend for the individual KPIs as well through miniature cell graphs
* In built traffic lights (Green = equal to or better than ideal/ budget target; Yellow = below target but manageable; Red = very low compared to ideal target) give a quick visual indication of performance on each KPI
* Explicitly identify departmental responsibilities and areas that require cross-functional coordination

Additional Notes:
a. Excel template requires Microsoft Excel 2010 and above
b. Please read the instruction provided on the cover tab of excel template before beginning
c. Also please enable macros for the document


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Supercharge Strategy Execution: Performance Scorecard

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