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All Lean production methods have the primary intention of improving manufacturing processes to bring increased profits to the manufacturer and increased value and satisfaction to the customer. To increase profits and delight the customer, you have to get rid of waste - all those extraneous and counterproductive assumptions, attitudes, activities, materials, machines, operations and processes.

This presentation can be used to educate your management and staff on how to discover waste on the shopfloor. To be able to discover waste is the first step towards its elimination. This training material can also be used to supplement your Lean Manufacturing, Gemba Walk, Kaizen, 5S and TPM training.


1. Discover waste in your work environment
2. Learn how to remove waste
3. Learn how to prevent waste


1. What is Waste?
What is Value?
What is Value-added?
What is Waste?
How Does Waste Take Root?
Waste Take Root When We Accept Stopgap Improvement
Benefits of Identifying & Eliminating Waste

2. The Classification of Waste
The Three MUs
The 5M + Q + S
The Flow of Goods
The Eight Types of Waste (Manufacturing)
The Eight Types of Waste (Service/Office)

3. How to Discover Waste
Three Approaches to Discover Waste
Using the Back Door
Bringing Latent Waste to the Surface
Analyzing Current Conditions
Value Stream Mapping
Value-added Flow Chart
Flow Analysis Chart

4. How to Remove Waste
Adopt the Necessary Attitude
Remove Waste in the Movement of Goods
Remove Waste in the Actions of People
Remove Waste in the Way People, Goods and Machines Are Combined

5. How to Prevent Waste
Visual Controls
Auditory Controls
5W + 1H

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Identifying Waste

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