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A Process Map is a tool for planning and management that graphically depicts the flow of work throughout a business process. A Process Map is also known as a flowchart, a process flowchart, a process chart, a functional process chart, a functional flowchart, a process model, a workflow diagram, a business flow diagram, and a process flow diagram. It illustrates who and what is engaged in a business process and may be used by any organization to identify improvement opportunities.

Organizations use Process Mapping to increase their efficiency. Process Maps provide insight into a business process, facilitate the generation of ideas for Process Improvement, enhance communication, and document the process. The mapping of a process will reveal bottlenecks, recurrence, and delays. They contribute to the definition of process boundaries, process ownership, process duties, and effectiveness measurements or process metrics.

A comprehensive and complete Process Map enables independent companies (such as management consultants) to examine whether or not the current business process may be improved. Similarly, Process Maps allow us to strategically ask important questions that help us improve any business process.

In the creation of Process Maps, standardized diagrams and shapes are utilized. Practitioners also follow best practices in defining business processes at various levels of hierarchy (i.e. L1 as process areas, L2 as process groups, L3 as process scenarios, and L4 as business roles).


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