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Manufacturing is the process of creating products by assembling, transforming, or processing raw materials into finished goods. The Manufacturing sector is a critical part of the economy and includes a wide range of industries and activities, such as the production of goods, the assembly of components, and the processing of raw materials.

History, the Manufacturing sector was characterized by a heavy reliance on manual labor and traditional Manufacturing processes. However, in recent years, the Manufacturing sector has undergone significant changes and has been transformed by the rise of emerging digital technologies and the adoption of Digital Manufacturing processes.

Some of the key ways in which the manufacturing sector has changed in the Digital Age include:

The Manufacturing sector has been transformed by the adoption of digital technologies and digitized manufacturing processes, as many companies have deployed "Digital Factories" as part of their Digital Transformation efforts. These changes have enabled Manufacturers to improve their operations, to better serve their customers, and to compete more effectively in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive global market.

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