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>>> IMPORTANT NOTE: This guide is included in the discount pack offered by Dr. Stephen Sweid with the title: - THE PENTACLE OF BREAKTHROUGH STRATEGY: DISCOUNT PACK -. This is a comprehensive pack for breakthrough strategy with 5 specialized guides produced by the same author on Flevy.


1 - Discover the LEADING EDGE research for strategy
2 - LIFT your strategy to much higher and more sophisticated levels with this research
3 - SAVE a lot in preparation time for research and strategy formulation.
4 - You and your team will get into the right MINDSET for this type of research
5 - SAVE a lot of time in the actual implementation of the needed research
6 - Loaded with NOVEL but tried approaches, hence maximum competitive advantage
7 - You will have optimum COORDINATION between the research and formulation processes.


Research for breakthrough strategy features a much broader scope of market intelligence / data collection activities and approaches as compared to standard strategy market research. It is a journey and adventure; it takes you to another world.

This product presents leading edge research for strategy, with emphasis on the close linkage between research and strategy formulation and implementation. Strategy is mainly about the why, the root causes, so is this research. It is geared towards achieving breakthrough transformation and quantum leap, revolving around creative thinking, innovation and resonating with the future environment.

It is a comprehensive and practical guide covering purpose, scope, methodology and even mindset of research for breakthrough strategy. It compiles in an integrated manner and in one place the key factors that can produce great strategic research.

Furthermore, it contains a number of new approaches, insights and notions for research work leading to breakthrough strategies, and which were tested and refined by the Business and management consultant and researcher Dr. Stephen Sweid.

Ample graphics and metaphors have been incorporated for clarity, retaining, inspiration and enjoyment. This guide has been designed to be equally beneficial to Corporate organizations, profit or non profit, and SMEs, including startups. It is also equally applicable to localized markets and global dimension.

This research guide can serve as a training course or a refresher intro seminar for all managers involved in strategy formulation, this prior to the takeoff of the strategy formulation exercise. Purpose is to get a feel for the broad scope and sophistication of research needed, and the strong linkage of research with strategy, and to set some guidelines and standards for the selection of researchers, and to get inspired for the achievement of a successful quantum leap change or startup. It can be also used as a step by step orientation manual for the researchers involved in the new project and strategy formulation.

This strategy research guide complements other products of same consultant on Flevy.

This strategy focused research product was developed by Dr. Stephen M. Sweid, a business consultant, researcher and trainer with over 20 years consulting experience on the international scene: Europe, USA, Middle East and Far East, covering a wide spectrum of industries, including hi-tech. Consultant specializes in quantum leap strategy and innovation.

>>> This material can be also delivered as in-house training course or workshop by the same consultant / trainer.

About this research guide and how to use it
The difference between breakthrough and standard strategic research:
The wide scope of research activities for breakthrough strategy
Multiple illustrative examples of the broader scope of this type of research
Purpose and benefit of strategy research
Multiple illustrative examples of the benefits of this type of research
Why do your chances grow exponentially with your research thrust?
Mindset for breakthrough strategy research
Characteristics of researchers needed for strategy research
Confidentiality issues in strategic research
Research ethics
Potential big problems in strategy research
Methodology of breakthrough strategy research
Research implementation plan is essential
Some indications of timeline of research for formulation of breakthrough strategy
Cost of strategy research
Who performs the strategy research work?
Branching of the big questions with examples
Basic market information needed for a new small startup
Tabulating questions and sources, and the reverse
Useful sources of strategic market intelligence
Finding sources of sources of information
Treasure trove of info: there is always one for each topic and industry!
Parallel (holistic) research
How iterative convergence works and its purpose?
Indirect research: indicators research
Testing your idea in the real world
Consulting with industry experts is essential
Forecasting research
International dimension and research
Face to face, and telephone interviews and questionnaires
Email inquiries can be most effective means of strategy research
Common problems in research
Summary: criteria for successful strategy research in the market
Important: when do you know you have researched enough?
Regular writing, and writing and presentation of final research report

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Research for Breakthrough Strategy: The Quest

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