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The Business Entrepreneur Seminars (Module 3 of 16)
149-page PDF document. Creating Financial Projections 149 Animated Slides Approx. 3.0 Hours A comprehensive how-to look at creating projected income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets. An essential skill in securing outside financing and [read more]

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Tactical Financial Management & Business Solutions (for IT Startups using ITIL V3)
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  Information Technology
View more from: vskumar
54-slide PowerPoint deck. 1. I have prepared this document to support the small size to mid size IT companies to have a structured plan in managing their financial planning, tracking budgeting/accounting/charging and management. 2. I have taken the definitions [read more]

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Managementdashboard built in Excel
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  Information Technology
View more from: Michael Loanjoe
Excel workbook. Managementdashboard built in Excel with macro's and pivot

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Cost Accounting
Listed under:  Corporate Finance
View more from: investmentbanker
41-slide PowerPoint deck. This documents shares you training on cost accounting and cost management which is one of the important basics in the domain of corporate finance.

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Comprehensive Guide to Stock Option Valuation Using IFRS 2
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  Organization, Change, & HR
View more from: SlideKraft
96-slide PowerPoint deck. SlideKraft Studio is please to present you with a comprehensive manual / guide to undertaking stock options valuation using the IFRS 2 accounting principles. In this document we cover areas such as - Overview of the different types [read more]

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The Business Entrepreneur Seminars (Module 5 of 16)
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  Operations
View more from: Enrique Suarez
149-page PDF document. Accounting 101 149 Animated Slides Approx. 2.5 Hours Take command of a bookstore and coffee bar and see how money moves in and out of a business learning the fundamentals of accounting at the same time. This course provides an [read more]

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Reverse Logistics & Supply Chain Costs
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  Operations
View more from: srosenbe7
2-page Word document. Reverse logistics is the backward flow of what we all wish to be only a forward movement or process. Any company who expects zero returns in this age of online shopping, direct to store shipments, direct to home shipments is living in a [read more]

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Prepaid Wallet Card in India
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: shashi040410
3-page PDF document. India has seen rapid growth in Digital commerce business over last couple of years. Key growth drivers for the same is increasing internet users in India primary through mobile. India has already crossed 200 Mn+ internet users (>60% [read more]

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The Business Entrepreneur Seminars (Module 4 of 16)
Listed under:  Corporate Communications  Corporate Finance
View more from: Enrique Suarez
138-page PDF document. Finding and Attracting Investors 138 Animated Slides Approx. 2.0 Hours The course presents practical tactics on how to identify and secure different types of capital including seed capital, angel capital, and venture capital. The [read more]

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Return on Investment (Project Management/Lean)
Excel workbook. The ROI tool has been developed to calculate the Return On Investment (ROI) value for a project. It is designed with an objective to build a business case and support prioritization process by evaluating real impact to the bottom [read more]

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