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Corporate Finance Business Documents (Page 7)

Browse Corporate Finance business documents, Corporate Finance business templates, Corporate Finance business presentations, Corporate Finance financial models.

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Cost/Revenue Calculations for Freelancers (Dutch)
Excel workbook. Cost/ Revenue calculations for freelancers in Excel with macro's

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Excel Model for Valuation of Natural Gas Firm
Excel workbook. This is an valuation model of Petronet LNG. This model covers the different valuation types to arrive at the fair value of a stock.

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Contract Pricing Analysis Worksheet
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Safwan Khan
Excel workbook. This Excel spreadsheet is a very simple template for comparing pricing and discounts from list price. Developing a Contract Pricing Analysis spreadsheet is important for managing your pricing to large customers. This tool allow you to [read more]

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12 Month Profit and Loss Projection
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: prozaro
Excel workbook. A financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs and expenses incurred during a specific period of time - usually a fiscal quarter or year. These records provide information that shows the ability of a company to generate profit [read more]

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Cost Reduction within an Audit Department
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: sebastiaan
14-page PDF document. This case study gives an example on how to reduce costs within an Audit Department. This document provides information on allocation of costs within this Audit department, a roadmap to cut costs, results and specific cost reductions within [read more]

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Business Intelligence Overview (Dutch)
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  PowerPoint Templates
View more from: Michael Loanjoe
4-slide PowerPoint deck. Context of Business Intelligence.

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Managementdashboard built in Excel (Dutch)
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  Information Technology
View more from: Michael Loanjoe
Excel workbook. Managementdashboard built in Excel with macro's and pivot

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Comprehensive Guide to Stock Option Valuation Using IFRS 2
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  Organization, Change, & HR
View more from: SlideKraft
96-slide PowerPoint deck. SlideKraft Studio is please to present you with a comprehensive manual / guide to undertaking stock options valuation using the IFRS 2 accounting principles. In this document we cover areas such as - Overview of the different types [read more]

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Tactical Financial Management & Business Solutions (for IT Startups using ITIL V3)
Listed under:  Corporate Finance  Information Technology
View more from: vskumar
54-slide PowerPoint deck. 1. I have prepared this document to support the small size to mid size IT companies to have a structured plan in managing their financial planning, tracking budgeting/accounting/charging and management. 2. I have taken the definitions [read more]

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Cost Accounting
Listed under:  Corporate Finance
View more from: investmentbanker
41-slide PowerPoint deck. This documents shares you training on cost accounting and cost management which is one of the important basics in the domain of corporate finance.

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