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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard
This dashboard presents case trend data and news for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread at the regional, country, and territory levels. We track numerous metrics that other websites do not. All data can be easily downloaded for you to perform your own scenario analyses.

NEW Segment the US by States/Regions (e.g. Tri-state, New England, Re-opened States)


The latest patient case trend data and statistics around Coronavirus patient cases for . You can download this data in CSV format to perform your own trend and scenario analyses.

Total Metrics

Daily Metrics

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Daily Growth Metrics (Last 30 Days)




Dotted lines represent the 7-day moving average.


Active Cases Curve

Total ICU beds in

This data is unavailable. If you have this estimate, please email us at

Please note we only report historical data.

Date Total Cases New Cases New Cases 7DMA* Case Growth Case Growth 7DMA Total Deaths New Deaths New Deaths 7DMA Death Growth Death Growth 7DMA Total Recov. New Recov. Recovery Rate Active Cases Case Fatality Rate (CFR) Adjusted CFR** Total Deaths per MM Population Total Cases per MM Population

* 7DMA represents the 7-day moving average. This presents a more accurate representation of the trends, as it evens out any weekly seasonality patterns (e.g. weekday vs. weekend testing capacity differences).
** Adjusted CFR is calculated as (Total Deaths) divided by (Total Deaths + Total Recoveries). We believe this may provide more insight, as this metric does not include patients who are currently sick.

Download Dashboard Raw Data (CSV)   or   Copy/Paste Data Directly


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