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  1. Provides a summary of the meanings of vision, mission and core values.
  2. Serves as a useful preamble to a strategic planning workshop, and change programs and initiatives.
  3. Facilitates the orientation of new hires, interns and temporary staff to the organization's culture.


The words "vision," "mission" and "values," can hold very different meanings to different people. It is important that each organization must clarify what each term means. The priority is to have agreement among the people involved. When they are actually used in the way they were intended, vision, mission and values become powerful driving forces for building, running and growing your organization.

This presentation can be easily blended into your own materials and used in the following ways:

1. Educating leaders and employees on the meanings of "vision," "mission" and "values."
2. Reviewing your organization vision, mission and values ("true north") prior to starting a strategic planning session.
3. Educating leaders and employees in a business conduct and ethics training program.
4. Educating new hires, temporary staff and interns as part of your organization's employee orientation program.

Included are examples of vision and mission statements and core values from 20 successful organizations such as Apple, Tesla, Nike, Starbucks, AMEX, Ikea, Procter & Gamble, BMW and Netflix.


1. Acquire knowledge on the meanings of vision, mission and values
2. Understand the roles of vision, mission and values in strategy formulation
3. Review examples of the vision, mission and core values of successful organizations


Key Definitions - At A Glance
The Big Picture - Vision, Mission & Values

Introduction To Vision
What Is A Vision Statement?
Vision Statement vs. Mission Statement
What A Vision Statement Is Not
Vision Statement - Examples
Shortcomings In Some Company Vision Statements
The Necessity of Vision
Characteristics Of A Vision Statement
Key Elements Of A Good Vision Statement
How Is The Vision Statement Related To Corporate Goals?
Role Of Vision In Strategy Formulation
Relationship Among Vision, Mission & Strategy
Changing The Vision
Increasing Popularity Of The Purpose Statement
Purpose Statement - Examples
Activity 1: Vision Statement

What Is A Mission Statement?
Benefits Of A Mission Statement
Basic Structure Of A Mission Statement
Uses Of The Mission Statement
Mission Statement - Examples
Writing The Mission Statement
Activity 2: Mission Statement

Values Create A Community Where We Agree About What Matters
What Are Core Values?
Relationship Between Core Values & Culture
What Core Values Are Not
Examples Of Core Values
Importance Of Core Values In The Corporate World
Core Values - The Ultimate Purpose
Values Are An Investment, Not A Platitude
Activity 3: Core Values

Examples: Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, AMEX, Starbucks, Spotify, McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, Ikea, Tesla, Nordstrom, Disney, BMW, Marriott, Toyota, Netflix, Nike, Home Depot and Deloitte
Activity 4: Best Practices

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Vision, Mission & Values

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