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  1. Gain buy-in from management and staff by educating them on the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  2. Update your employees on the key changes to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  3. Provide practical tips to employees on how to better handle an audit session.


Thousands of companies in over 100 countries have adopted ISO 9001:2015 as their quality management standard. Many more are pursuing this certification. Why? Because ISO 9001 helps your company assure quality, save money and customers expect it. ISO 9001 applies to all types of organizations.

This presentation can be used to brief staff, new hires and potential auditees so as to create awareness of the ISO 9001 standard. Alternatively, the presentation may be used to supplement your materials for the training of QMS professionals and internal auditors.

This presentation covers the what and why of ISO 9001, the QMS structure, the audit approach and offers practical tips on how to handle an audit session. When you are done teaching this material to your employees, your employees will be much more informed and comfortable with ISO 9001.


1. Provide background knowledge on ISO 9001
2. Gain an overview of ISO 9001 structure and the certification process
3. Understand the audit approach
4. Gather useful tips on handling an audit session


- About ISO
- The ISO 9000 Series
- What is ISO 9001?
- How Does ISO 9001 Work?
- Where Does ISO 9001 Come From
- Why is a Quality Management System Important?
- Advantages of Certification
- Accreditation & Certification Bodies
- Development of ISO 9001
- Quality Management Principles
- Why is ISO 9001 Revised?
- Key Improvements to ISO 9001:2015
- ISO 9001 - Key Differences
- ISO 9001 - Different Terminology
- Process Approach
- Risk-based Management
- Benefits of the New ISO 9001:2015

- ISO 9001 Approach is Based on the PDCA Cycle
- Benefits of the Common Structure for Management Systems Standards
- The ISO 9001 Structure is Aligned to the Common Structure for MSS
- ISO 9001 Clause Structure

- Becoming ISO 9001 Certified
- ISO 9001:2015 Certification Transition Timeline
- ISO 9001 Certification Journey

- What is a Quality Audit?
- What Are Audits Used For?
- Types of Quality Audits
- Internal Audit
- Audit Focus
- Audit Approach
- Audit Emphasis
- Review of Documented Information
- Continual Improvement

- Rights of Auditee
- Rights of Auditor
- How to Handle an Audit Session?
- Auditee's Conduct
- Interacting with Auditors: Do's
- Interacting with Auditors: Don'ts

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Source: ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Awareness Training PowerPoint document

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ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Awareness Training

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