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  1. Gain a thorough understanding of the 8D problem solving process.
  2. Learn how to apply the 8D process and tools to solve problems in the workplace.
  3. Train your problem solving teams on the 8D process with this training presentation.


The 8D (Eight Disciplines) approach is a systematic problem solving process. Popularized by Ford Motor Company, the 8D process is now a standard in the automotive industry. The 8D problem solving process has proven to be highly effective in product and process improvement.

Following the logic of the PDCA cycle, the 8D process enables problem solving teams to identify root causes, develop proper actions to eliminate root causes, and implement permanent corrective action to prevent recurrence. It includes key analytical tools such as Is/Is Not Analysis and Root Cause Analysis using 5 Whys and the Fishbone Diagram.

This highly detailed training presentation will help you to teach employees in your company or organization to better understand team dynamics and solve problems using a disciplined approach.

NOTE: This training presentation comes with a complimentary 8D Problem Solving Worksheet (in Word format).


1. Understand the key concepts and principles of 8D problem solving
2. Understand the dynamics of team-based problem solving
3. Define the roles of the 8D problem solving team
4. Familiarize with the use of analytical tools in the 8D process
5. Describe the objective of each step of the 8D process
6. Define the critical success factors for effective 8D problem solving


1. Key Concepts & Principles of 8D Problem Solving
The blind men and an elephant
Common pitfalls in problem solving
What is a problem?
What is problem solving?
Impact of problem solving
Benefits of problem solving
What is 8D problem solving?
Applying 8D methodology
Why use 8D?
Overview of the 8D model

2. Team Approach to 8D Problem Solving
What is a team?
Types of teams
Qualities of an effective team
Why do we need teamwork in problem solving?
Why is teamwork important?
Characteristics of healthy teamwork
Working together as a team
Team member ground rules
Keys to team success
Tuckman's model of team development stages

3. Roles of 8D Problem Solving Team
What is a problem solving team?
Role of the champion
Role of the team leader
Role of the team member
Role of the facilitator
Problem solving team's maxims
Ingredients for problem solving team success

4. Review of Analytical Tools in 8D
Brainstorming rules
Affinity diagram
Is / Is not
Control charts
5 whys
Cause and effect diagram (Fishbone diagram)
Relationship between 8D and FMEA

5. 8D Problem Solving Process - The Step by Step Approach
Types of problem solving techniques
8D process model is based on the PDCA approach
Importance of an 8D report
D0: Plan
D1: Establish the team
D2: Describe the problem
D3: Develop an interim containment action
D4: Define and verify root cause
D5: Choose and verify permanent corrective action
D6: Implement and validate permanent corrective action
D7: Prevent recurrence
D8: Recognize the team

6. Preparing the 8D Report
The 8D report template

7. Critical Success Factors

Additional slides covering common tools such as Flowchart, Gantt Chart, Check Sheet, Run Chart (Graph), Pareto Chart, Histogram and Scatter Diagram.

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8D Problem Solving Technique & Tools

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