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  1. Provides a comprehensive sales and marketing guide
  2. Covers all aspects of best practices in sales and marketing from process to tools.
  3. Serves as a toolkit and checklist that can be customized to opportunities from $100K to $billions.


The guide is a complete process and documentation guide to the creation of winning and profitable proposals. The guide outlines all possible stages and steps - with supporting tools, techniques, deliverables, and guidelines. The process outline and Table of Contents is included below.



U WIN, Methodology

Opportunity Stage

Task 1 -- Deploy U Business Strategy
Task 2 -- Analyse Short-Range Opportunity
Task 3 -- Implement Capture Plan
Task 4 -- Analyse U, Client & Competitors
Task 5 -- Plan Early Program
Task 6 -- Complete Instructions to Coordinate Proposal Development
Task 7 -- Develop Selling Points
Task 8 -- Conduct Green Team Review

Bid Stage

Task 9 -- Confirm Opportunity Analysis
Task 10 -- Update Capture Plan
Task 11 -- Analyse Proposal Request
Task 12 -- Update U, Client & Competitors Analysis
Task 13 -- Plan Final Program
Task 14 -- Update Instructions to Coordinate Proposal Development
Task 15 -- Create Expanded Proposal Outline
Task 16 -- Develop Proposal
Task 17 -- Conduct Red Team Review
Task 18 -- Edit & Publish Proposal

Confirmation Stage

Task 19 -- Market & Respond to Client
Task 20 -- Perform Due Diligence
Task 21 -- Complete Project

Cost Program

Price Program

Delegation of Financial Authority

U Business Strategy

U Win Guidelines, Samples & Techniques

Quality-Based Partnerships Guidelines (Task 3.1 and Task 10.4)
Benchmarking Guidelines (Task 4.10)
Storyboarding Guidelines (Task 6.2, 15.3, 15.4, 15.5, 15.6, 15.7, 15.8, and
U WIN, Case Study Sample (Tasks 4.13, 4.14, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, and 7.6)
Production Standards Sample (Task 6.5 and 14.3)
Writing Standards Sample (Task 6.6 and 14.3)
Graphic Standards Sample (Task 6.7 and 14.3)
Brainstorming Technique (Tasks 3.1, 4.2, 4.13, 4.14, 5.11, 5.18, 5.22, 7.1,
7.2, 7.3, 10.4, 11.4, 11.9, 15.3, 15.4, 15.5, 15.6, 19.9, and 20.3

Glossary of Terms

U WIN, Deliverables

Local Business Strategy (Task 1.2)

Proposal Directive (Task 2.2)
Bid/No-Bid Analysis (Tasks 2.13 and 2.18)
Project Book (Task 2.18)

Capture Plan (Task 3.1)

Position Action Plan (Task 4.7)
Win Strategy (Task 4.13)
Proposal Major Themes (Task 4.14)

Technical Baseline (Task 5.11)
Management Baseline (Task 5.22)
Baseline Action Plan (Task 5.23)

Project Standards, Processes, & Procedures (Task 6.8)

Draft Executive Summary (Task 7.5)

Green Team Evaluation Grid (Task 8.5)
Green Team Follow-up Plan (Task 8.7)
Updated Proposal Directive (Task 8.10)

Bid/No-Bid Analysis (Tasks 9.14 and 9.16)
Communiqués (Task 9.22)

Letters of Intent/Non-Disclosure Statements/Teaming Agreements (Task
Updated Capture Plan (Task 10.4)

Bond Requests (Task 11.3)
Questions (Task 11.4)
Letter of Intent to Bid (Task 11.8)
Top-Level Outline (Task 11.9)

Updated Position Action Plan (Task 12.5)
Updated Win Strategy (Task 12.11)
Updated Major Proposal Themes (Task 12.12)

Updated Technical Baseline (Task 13.9)
Updated Management Baseline (Task 13.18)
Updated Baseline Action Plan (Task 13.20)

Updated Project Standards, Processes, & Procedures (Task 14.3)

Expanded Proposal Outline (Task 15.5)
Updated Executive Summary (Task 15.16)

Proposal Volume(s) Compliance Matrix(ces) (Task 16.7)
Proposal Volume(s) (Task 16.8)

Red Team Evaluation Grid (Task 17.5)
Red Team Follow-Up Plan (Task 17.7)
Final Draft Proposal/Final draft Compliance Matrix(ces) (Task 17.10)

Final Proposal (Task 18.4)I

Closing Plan (Task 19.5)
Clarifications to Client Questions (Task 19.6)
Orals/Demonstration (Task 19.8)
BAFO Volume(s)/Revised Program Costs (A tracking tool Report)/Lowest Program
Price Pro-Track Report)/Assumptions (Task 19.10)

Analysis Deliverables (Task 20.18)
Staffing Deliverables (Task 20.10)
Contract (Task 20.11)
Transition Plans (Task 20.12)

Performance Evaluations (Task 21.1)
Post Proposal Project Review (Task 21.10)
Quarterly Report (Task 21.14)

Baseline Program Costs (A tracking tool Reports)/Assumptions (Cost.8)

Baseline Program Price (Pro-Track Report)/Assumptions (Price.7)

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Sales and Marketing Proposal Guide

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