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In order to communicate complex business ideas and recommendations, a presentation needs to be clear, concise, and easily understood. Strategy consultants do that by telling a story, most commonly through presentations. These presentations are normally data-driven and chart-centric. But making data easy to understand is HARD.

This presentation will highlight the charts and visuals that top consulting firms and corporate strategists use to make their strategic insights clear and understood. The slides in this toolkit will provide charting and data presentation ideas you can adopt for your own work. They are all data-driven (not drawn manually) using Mekko Graphics; and you can copy, edit, and reuse them in your own presentations.

Plus, we will point you to other public domain examples you can borrow from, as well. How to get the required software (Mekko Graphics), including a free trial, is outlined on the last slide.

This document was created by Mekko Graphics, a leading software company in strategic charting. Mekko Graphics is used by leading consultancies, private equity firms and global companies for more than 15 years.

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Building Data-Driven Charts

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This presentation focuses on Time Series visuals: e.g., Line Charts, Column Charts, Area (AKA Surface) Charts, Line-Columns Combination Charts.

This presentation focuses on Correlation visuals: X-Y Scatterplots, Paired Bar/Column Charts, Bubble Charts, Radar Diagrams.

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