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Employee Harassment Training Workshop
Listed under:
View more from: Larry Livingston, Global IsosCom, LLC
17-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting Word. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Harassment is a form of discrimination that violates many different laws, for example, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, [read more]

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Insurance Taxonomy
Listed under:
View more from: R Bradley Consulting
Excel workbook. The Insurance Taxonomy consists of over 450 terms. It seeks to cover the general process and functional structure of an insurance organisation and more widely branches to categorise the industry as a whole. The Taxonomy is designed to [read more]

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Project Management Taxonomy
Listed under:
View more from: R Bradley Consulting
Excel workbook. The Project Management Taxonomy consists of over 700 terms. It seeks to cover the general processes, terminology and stages utilised in formal project management methodologies. The Taxonomy is designed to help organisations categorise [read more]

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A Manager's Duty of Care Audit Toolkit
Listed under:  Operations  Organization, Change, & HR
View more from: John Kyriazoglou
225-page PDF document. Synopsis: This document contains general guidelines for using this 'Duty of Care' audit tool and a set of 69 questionnaires with over 1000 (1057) questions on the most critical issues related to 'duty of care' responsibilities, [read more]

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Service Excellence of Museums
Listed under:  Operations  service quality
View more from: Lucell Larawan
11-slide PowerPoint deck. Measuring service quality of a museum is one of the most important thing to do, if your goal is to improve it. In this document, you will see the meaning of service quality. Then, you can pinpoint success indicators of a museum impacted by [read more]

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Measuring Open Innovation Climate
16-slide PowerPoint deck. Open innovation climate is a relatively new concept that brings competitive advantage to firms that understand and apply it. The document provides a definition and backgrounder of open innovation climate. Given that we know about this [read more]

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Website Privacy Policy Document
7-page Word document. A privacy policy is a document that details what personal information you collect from your users, how you use it, and how you keep it private. Why would you need a privacy policy? Here are a few reasons: You may be required to by [read more]

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Door-to-Door Sales
15-slide PowerPoint deck. Door-to-Door sales seem old fashioned, difficult, and expensive nowadays. Yet, it is still a big market for companies—worth some $20 billion USD. It presents a significant opportunity to capture customers and increase revenue [read more]

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Project Quality Management Plan
29-page Word document. The Project Quality Management Plan provides a guided approach toward describing an organization's quality policies.  This template is comprehensive and professionally written and will help you describe the quality plan and how it will be [read more]

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Evolution of Strategy
23-slide PowerPoint deck. This presentation traces the evolution of Strategic Thinking since the dawn of Strategy, marked by Sun Tzu's Art of War. It outlines 4 chronological eras of Strategy: 1. Exclusivity and Monopolies 2. Scientific Management 3. [read more]

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