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Perform and grow according to a plan.
Manage growth and complexity of systems and processes.
Protect market position.
Create sustainable growth and enterprise value.

Late-stage start ups that seek to fulfill their potential to perform and grow.
Owners, investors, founders, and management teams preparing for exit.
VC and PE groups seeking to develop portfolio companies.
Large organization operating units and strategic initiatives.

At a growth inflection point.
Rolling out a new product or entering a new market.
Reorganizing, merging, divesting, or spinning out.
Transitioning, expanding, or culling executive team.
Preparing for funding or stepping up after a cash infusion or big win.

How do I transition operations to the next set of leaders?
How do I bring in help and keep our culture?
How do I avoid giving up or selling below target valuation?

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How to Use the Change Framework
Listed under:  Operations  Organization, Change, & HR
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15-slide PowerPoint deck. Leadership's job is to determine what must change next. Once decided the intended change must be made to happen... but that's often harder than it sounds to do. So that next year's list of initiative does not end up looking a lot like this [read more]

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Manage to Lead System Workshop
25-slide PowerPoint deck. The Manage to Lead System is a proven approach to driving change in organizations. The slides presented here guide a leadership team to identify and work on what is most important to change next in their organization in order to achieve [read more]

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Ways to Drive Sales in a Services Business (Framework)
Listed under:  Operations  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
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18-slide PowerPoint deck. There are many ways to drive sales in a services business. The hardest is to convince a new prospect to hire your organization to perform new work. Once you have a client, though, it is far easier to: 1. Extend and expand contracted [read more]

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Mastering the Idea-to-Benefit Cycle
Listed under:  Operations  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
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10-slide PowerPoint deck. Leaders have ideas, determine whether and how to implement them, organize and drive a team to bring the idea to reality, operate with the idea in place, and enjoy the benefits of having their idea turn into reality. Consulting firms [read more]

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Consulting Guidelines
Listed under:
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34-slide PowerPoint deck. Just because you know a lot and always get asked for your advice does not mean you will make a good consultant. It takes decades in the trenches to master the trade. Consulting is not about knowing the right answer or knowing what to do. [read more]

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How Leaders Can Get Good at Getting Help
20-slide PowerPoint deck. Learning to Get Help, or to work with outsiders, is one of the top two factors that account for success in maturing a start-up into a credible organization on track to long term growth and performance according to a plan. Early stage [read more]

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How Leaders Learn from Those with a Stake in Their Success
Listed under:  Operations  Organization, Change, & HR
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36-slide PowerPoint deck. In a traditional employee evaluation, the supervisor compiles and presents the employee's strengths, contributions, growth, and shortcomings to the employee. The manager and employee then discuss improvements. Some organizations ask the [read more]

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Contract & Govern For Success
Listed under:  Governance, Risk, & Compliance
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30-slide PowerPoint deck. One of a leader's most important jobs is to get and stay clear about what it is that s/he is counting on from each team member. Once the leader is clear, the message must be communicated to each team member. Often, leaders fail to engage [read more]

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Theory and Practice of Teams
Listed under:  Organization, Change, & HR  PowerPoint Templates
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42-slide PowerPoint deck. Leadership teams need to Get Clear about many things, including: * What problem their organization solves for whom. * What is most important to do differently next. * Who to count on for what. Leaders often struggle to reach a good, a [read more]

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