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Management Consulting Business Documents (Page 4)

Browse Management Consulting business documents, Management Consulting business templates, Management Consulting business presentations, Management Consulting financial models, and other documents focused on Management Consulting.

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Rapid Risk Checker
Excel workbook. The purpose of this risk analysis spreadsheet is to quantify the inherent and acquired risks associated with carrying out a business change programme or project. This should provide a focus for the risk management process but does not [read more]

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Managementmodel for making objective decisions in Excel (formulas)
Excel workbook. Managementmodel for making objective decisions in Excel (formulas) with macro's

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Synthesis Business School "Alliantie management"
Listed under:  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Michael Loanjoe
10-page PDF document. Supply chain management and how to take action to realize the strategy.

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Business Analyst Video Interview - BA Planning and Monitoring
Listed under:  Information Technology  Video interview preparation
View more from: Adaptive Processes   Top Flevy Author [?]
1-page Word document. This product is not a business document. It is an interview preparation service for BA Planning and Monitoring concept. 1. Comprises of 10 questions which would take the participant through the entire gamut of Business Analysis Planning [read more]

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Strategic Performance Management, Mining BSC & OpEx.
Listed under:  Operations  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: Youssef AIT AKKI
151-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting PowerPoint deck. This Comprehensive Operations Planing Directives (COPD) is a rigorous Strategic Performance Management step by step guide in the mining industry. It's made up from 4 major phases, a strategy formulation , a strategy execution, an [read more]

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