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Corporate Communications Business Documents (Page 6)

Browse Corporate Communications business documents, Corporate Communications business templates, Corporate Communications business presentations, Corporate Communications financial models.

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Elevator Pitch Framework One-pager
Listed under:  Corporate Communications
View more from: prozaro
1-page PDF document. Have you ever been in the situation where you meet a person who you have never met before, and they ask you for a description about yourself or what you were looking for. They were in essence asking for your "elevator pitch," that is, [read more]

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PowerPoint Templates for Explaining How to Solve Problems
Listed under:  Corporate Communications  PowerPoint Templates
View more from: Clarity College   Top Flevy Author [?]
20-slide PowerPoint deck. When the crew on Apollo 13 uttered those now immortal words, 'Houston, we've had a problem', they didn't know they would become etched into the vernacular. We use the phrase to describe one of the seven great business storylines [read more]

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Bundle (4 Documents)
Project Management Tools & Worksheets product bundle
There are 4 documents in this bundle:

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Business Books
104-page PDF document. Get in-depth summaries of the most famous business related books. It has been our goal for the past few months to summarize the high-level topics that are covered in each book to remind you entrepreneurs of the frameworks and important [read more]

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Business Processes Document
5-page Word document. The business processes document outlines several successful business processes across many different departments. Developing a list of Successful Business Processes is important for incorporating some of these proven methods into your [read more]

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Business Plan for Real Estate Company
47-page Word document. This Business Plan template has detailed narrative content about the business and industry. It also includes graphs, charts and financial documents such as income statement, cash flow and balance sheet. You can make changes to this [read more]

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Marketing Proposal
7-page Word document. You will get access to a detailed marketing proposal document. A proposal can be the result of a marketing agency or individual suggesting or pitching an idea to a potential client.

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Power of Attorney
2-page PDF document. An agreement to appoint a power of attorney.

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High Impact Presentation Template - Pack 5
Listed under:  Corporate Communications  PowerPoint Templates
View more from: SlideKraft
57-slide PowerPoint deck and supporting PowerPoint deck. High Impact Presentation Template consists of a set of 54 visually engaging presentation slides that are sure to wow your audiences. This document is the fifth Pack of our 5 part series. Each template is fully editable. You can either [read more]

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Project Management Sale Plan
Excel workbook. The most important tool to keep track of the time allocated to a project and how it is being used should be able to present the information in a manner that can easily be interpreted and modified as seems fit to the project manager. The [read more]

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