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Corporate Communications Business Documents (Page 5)

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Business Communications - Best Practice
Listed under:  Corporate Communications  Strategy, Marketing, & Sales
View more from: P-Square Partners   Top Flevy Author [?]
12-slide PowerPoint deck. This document will help you to: - create a compelling story with a logical structure that is easy to understand and easy to remember - discover and clarify the points you want to make to better convince busy executive clients - grasp [read more]

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Framework for Risk & Issue Reporting
Listed under:  Corporate Communications  Organization, Change, & HR
View more from: The Highway of Change   Top Flevy Author [?]
13-slide PowerPoint deck. A short document describing the key components of a Risk and Issue framework including key Risk and Issues Control information + Impact Assessment & pre and Post Mitigation Risk Actions & Profile, Status and Review information.

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SEO Marketing Guide
42-page PDF document. I will provide you with helpful information, tools and knowledge that is necessary to optimize your website, design a strategic online marketing campaign and grow your business presence online. This guide will help with your marketing [read more]

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Non Disclosure Agreement
7-page Word document. A NDA is an agreement between two or more parties specifying that none of the parties will bypass each other to transact directly with the originator of the transaction, nor will any of the parties disclose the particulars of the [read more]

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The Business Entrepreneur Seminars (Module 16 of 16)
152-page PDF document. Marketing 101 153 Animated Slides Approx. 3.0 Hours This course describes the fundamentals of the most important aspect of any business: marketing. Learn the concepts taught in college-level courses in just a few hours including the [read more]

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Business Process Template
9-page Word document. Business process management or BPM is a holistic management approached that works to align all aspects of an organization with the client's desires and needs. It focuses on improving business effectiveness and efficiency while encouraging [read more]

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Business Plan for Real Estate Business
47-page Word document. This Business Plan template has detailed narrative content about the business and industry. It also includes graphs, charts and financial documents such as income statement, cash flow and balance sheet. You can make changes to this [read more]

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Beauty Products Business Plan
31-page Word document. I will provide you with a Business Plan template for a Beauty Products Business. The Business plan contains a detailed narrative of the beauty products industry and business along with graphs, charts and all financial worksheet documents [read more]

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Business Marketing Research Plan
Excel workbook. Identifying marketing trends is a vital part of operating just about every business out there. This is why many owners will want to take a look at this helpful business marketing research plan. This document has been created to provide [read more]

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Power of Attorney
2-page PDF document. An agreement to appoint a power of attorney.

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