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Social Media Management
34-slide PowerPoint deck. Social networks, blogs, web forums, and the like have influenced and disrupted almost every facet of life around the world. Smartphones and tablets have made it easy and cheap for users to create new content and share it with their [read more]

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Key Account Management (KAM) in Healthcare and Pharma
23-slide PowerPoint deck. Shrinking profits and market pressure to deliver greater value has necessitated the entire Healthcare landscape to transform. Some entities are more sophisticated than others, but the overall sector is building experience and new [read more]

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Bitcoin Mining Business Guide
12-page Word document. Bitcoin is one of the most famous forms of investment these days. In 2017 alone it has increased by almost 2000% in returns. Since everyone wants to join the Bitcoin bandwagon but don't know how to start or what to do we have created a [read more]

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Door-to-Door Sales
15-slide PowerPoint deck. Door-to-Door sales seem old fashioned, difficult, and expensive nowadays. Yet, it is still a big market for companies—worth some $20 billion USD. It presents a significant opportunity to capture customers and increase revenue [read more]

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Presentation Formats for Ready Use
189-slide PowerPoint deck. It has over 150 different slide formats in high definition which could be helpful to fit any kind of topic into a standard presentation format. This is going to user friendly for consultants , research department , analytics , strategy team etc..

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Website Privacy Policy Document
7-page Word document. A privacy policy is a document that details what personal information you collect from your users, how you use it, and how you keep it private. Why would you need a privacy policy? Here are a few reasons: You may be required to by [read more]

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CoE for a Smarter Supply Chain - Current Supply Chain
Listed under:  Operations  Supply Chain
View more from: Dr. Lai Ving Kam
56-slide PowerPoint deck. This is the first presentation in a 3-part series on the "Centre of Excellence (CoE) for a Smarter Supply Chain," based on the academic research of Dr. Lai Ving Kam. This SCM sub series discusses the following steps [read more]

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Marketing Organization 2.0
21-slide PowerPoint deck. The Digital Age has fundamentally changed Marketing. There are countless more marketing channels, customer touch points, data sources—all from disparate systems and providers. To deal with these changes, we need a new type of [read more]

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Five Dimensions of Marketing Organizations
26-slide PowerPoint deck. The Marketing Organization should be structured to align with the overall organization’s business objectives. There are 5 dimensions of Marketing Organizations: 1. Segment-centric 2. Product-centric 3. Channel-centric 4. [read more]

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How Digital Is Transforming Customer Experience
Listed under:
View more from: Aadhya Solutions
29-slide PowerPoint deck. Set of Elaborated Frameworks, Processes, Methodologies that organizations can apply to become Global Leader in Customer Experience by consolidate brand image across all digital channels re-design and integrate multiple portals across [read more]

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