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General Valuation (Document Bundle)

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These spreadsheets will help you with small or medium business valuation. There are all sorts of tools included in here that give methodology and reasoning along with calculations to come up with a range of values that can be applied to a business. These methods are all quantitative in nature and can be driven by actual financial statement data that is pulled out or from a financial model that is forecasting future expected cash flows of a given business.

Note, these are just to be used as rules of thumb and act more as a back-of-the-envelope style template that is more useful internally rather than externally. It can be useful for business acquirers that want to quickly evaluate a new business or someone that is trying to understand what their own business may be worth.

In general, the valuation methodologies available with these documents center around two things: 1) Applying a multiple to annual EBITDA, SDE, or revenue 2) Forecasting future cash flows and discounting them back to the present value.

There is not a single end-all business valuation methodology that is correct. Many approaches are used out in the real world and no matter what method is used, the result is always going to be some sort of average or midpoint estimation that is derived from a range of low to high valuations.

With these sheets, an instruction video is included (link is in each file) and they are all fully editable and unlocked so you can drop your own data into the input cells and the output values will automatically update.


There are four main quantitative ways to value a business. This model has logic for all four. It walks you through how to calculate each as well as shows up to 6 potential... [read more]

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Interest rate swaps may seem scary, but both large and small entities do them all the time. It can be used as a hedge or as a bet about future interest rates. Many banks offer... [read more]

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This template is designed for valuation. It uses DCF Analysis but without a terminal value. Oftentimes you will see a 3/5/10 year model with a terminal value at the exit period.... [read more]

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This is not looking at the present value of future cash flows in order to come up with the value of a given business. Instead, it is looking at historical EBITDA per year... [read more]

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People hate math, and you have to do a little of it to convert your discount rates to monthly periods properly. This is a general use monthly DCF (discounted cash... [read more]

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One of the oldest and most reliable way to value something is coming up with the present value of all future cash flows that the item will produce. DCF Analysis templates are... [read more]

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Tracking IRR by way of using the 'XIRR' function in Excel can be tricky when you are looking at multiple cash flow streams with different start dates. You can't just drag the... [read more]

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Initial upload date (first version): Jun 9, 2023


Author: Jason Varner | SmartHelping

Additional documents from author: 137

I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Accounting. From there, I worked at a few small businesses doing financial reporting and some bookkeeping. After a few years of that, I started doing freelance financial consulting work on Elance and Upwork.

After over 400 jobs completed with a 100% success rate, I now run my own modeling/consulting practice and continue to build new financial models every few weeks. [read more]

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