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Dr. Chris Stout advises and provides assistance in the areas of for-profit technology, start-ups in the healthcare and medicine space, clinical practices and healthcare systems, publishing, and non-profit development via equity and is also involved in angel investing. His career is marked with notable achievements, including:

* Dr. Chris Stout is founder of the Center for Global Initiatives, including a kindergarten for orphaned children in Tanzania.

* He serves on the faculty the College of Medicine at the University of Illinois (and have also taught at Northwestern's Medical School and Rush University).

* He was part of the team to set 5 Guinness World Records!

* Dr. Stout has lectured across the nation and internationally in over 25 countries, visited 6 continents and over 90 countries.

* A study by Hartwick College said he was "one of the most frequently cited psychologists in the scientific literature"

* The World Economic Forum named Dr. Stout one of 100 Global Leaders of Tomorrow

Dr. Stout is also an author on Flevy, specializing in Healthcare templates (found here).

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Source: Dr. Chris Stout on Startups, Healthcare, and Global Humanitarian Efforts MP3 document


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Dr. Chris Stout on Startups, Healthcare, and Global Humanitarian Efforts

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