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  1. It clarifies what business consultants and coached do.
  2. Examples of how coaches and consultants can help organizations are given.
  3. Readers are advised on how to hire the right consultants and coaches.


Business Adviser's Consulting & Coaching gives companies an overview of how consultants and coaches improve their businesses and how to find the right experts. It clarifies what business consultants and coaches do, how their services overlap and how they differ.

Many examples and descriptions of business consultants and coaches in the U.S. and other countries who provide a variety of services are placed throughout the book. Consultants and coaches could well provide worthwhile benefits to and organization, such as improve the use of technology or resolve human relations problems. They can help executives figure out how to be a better manager, resolve issues within the company and better deal with customers.

The variations in certification, education and training for coaches and consultants can be huge, form people who haven't graduated from high school but might have unique subject matter expertise to MBAs and PhDs. Life and work skills may be more useful in some cases than the knowledge held by a fresh IVY League business school graduate with limited real world experience. Various perspectives on hiring a consultant and coach are given.

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Business Adviser's Consulting & Coaching

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